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How Does Video Marketing Work Exactly?

Jul 14, 2008
A video is an audio and visual presentation, just like real life. And frankly, stimulating all the senses is the quickest way to communicate something to someone. Given time, video will probably include smells!

Videos work by word of mouth. Look at how many weird and strange videos have been in the news because of how popular they are on YouTube or some other website. And those are just the goofy ones! A well-craft marketing video can do the same for you.

We all know that a virus spreads. That can be great for your business. A good, decent video will be copied and re-shown all over the Internet. You can't buy advertising like that!

So, okay, you decide to make a video. First, consider what exactly you want to communicate in it. Ask yourself, why am I making this video? It needs to be for one of the following reasons:


You want to introduce your company or product to the public.

2.Creating a Buzz:

You have a new product or service, and you want to get people talking about it. It's said that before South Park went on the air, the producers generated quite a buzz by using the Internet to connect with college students: their primary market. So, by the time the first show aired, they already had a fan base in place. This is what you want to do as well.

3.Building a Mailing List:

When people view your video, you can ask them to submit their e-mail or snail-mail address, and thus build a mailing list to use later for product marketing.

4.Enrich the Video Content of Your Website:

Ask people for feedback regarding your videos. Based on their suggestions, you can fine-tune the video and improve it. Also, you can ask people to submit videos of their own that mesh with what you're doing. Not only will they enjoy it, but they can serve as still more marketing tools for you. Keep in mind, the Internet is a vibrant place. You will want to strive to update your site as often as possible.

5.Connect on a Personal Level with Customers:

Nothing makes people feel more at ease than being able to see who they're dealing with. By putting a video of yourself out on your site, you connect with them, and they feel closer to you. As with Walt Disney, he went to a lot of effort to make himself look good on TV, and it paid off. If you do the same, it holds the potential to increase your customer base, and customer loyalty.

6.Staying in Touch:

Once you have customers, you want to keep them and to do that, you need to keep them happy. By putting updated videos on your website, you keep in keeping customers happy, and committed to staying with your company.

7.Video Sales Letter:

What could be more high-tech or inviting than sending potential clients a video sales letter? Not only will they see you and associate you with your product, but your company will be seen as cutting edge and on the forefront of technology.

To survive in today's competitive marketplace, you need all these things and having videos on your website helps you get them.
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