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SpiderWeb Marketing - an Unbiased Review of SpiderWeb Marketing

Jul 14, 2008
About an hour after you start looking for an Internet based business, you start clicking every banner or link that shows up and run down every bunny trail that you can find. Inevitably, you will find SpiderWeb Marketing sooner or later in your search. Should you pass and try another route, or see where the trail leads?

You will notice right off that the SpiderWeb system is free. This is both good and bad news. The fact that it is free means it will draw those looking to get rich quick without doing any work, who will do exactly zero after they sign up, but it also means some heavy hitter may consider it as another income stream.

I joined SpiderWeb looking to add to another income stream. The tutorials are easy to set up and use. There is a video that walks you through the signing up process for each affiliate program (all 22 of them). Most all of the programs are free, but a few require money to start. You can pick and choose the ones you want to join. You sign up for those, and pass on the others. Later, if someone in your downline elects a program you don't subscribe to, the system will default to your upline's affiliate number.

Two of the 22 programs they suggest for finding traffic are Yuwie and Direct Matches, which are social networking sites. SpiderWeb asks you some questions about yourself and even offers some Shout Page copy you can cut and paste. SpiderWeb even has an option to produce an automated blog. The posting tool can be set on autopilot and the blogs automatically appear on your page. Sounds great so far, eh?

Not so fast, my friend. I went to Direct Matches right after signing up, just to see how the system worked. I searched for people "looking for business associates," which is what SpiderWeb had me do. The results come up ten to a page. I looked at 70 profiles (seven full pages), and of the 70, there were 59 Spiders. Two pages scored a perfect ten out of ten. To my amazement, 37 of the 70 had "been involved in Internet marketing for 10 years" (including me.) What a coincidence. Some of them were in grade school ten years ago. I got pretty much the same numbers searching groups or blogs, both on Direct Matches and on Yuwie.

So, is the SpiderWeb system good for most people? I would say yes for "some" and no for "most." Yes for the fact that it provide instructions on how to get involved in 22 affiliate programs. That might have taken you days to do on your own. It gets a no for the fact that their marketing strategies and advertising point to "SpiderWeb," and not to your own business. I suggest you give it a pass.
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Jack Beddall is an Internet marketing consultant who specializes in providing resources for the home business person. You can visit two of his resource sites at TheOnlineResourceSite and Big Ticket To Wealth Online Store .
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