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Recruitment As A Career Choice

Jul 14, 2008
Living in Essex I cannot help but notice the amount Essex recruitment agencies hidden in various pockets of the main town centre. Some people may find them not so helpful in terms of finding that ideal dream job, however, they have served a very important purpose in helping others get their foot in the doorway of a potential steady career. Some recruitment agencies in Essex rarely take on new candidates unless they fit a certain criteria or have achieved a certain level of academia.

Essex recruitment agencies differ from London agencies, in that they are dedicated to finding localised jobs based in specific areas. London is much bigger and can offer many more opportunities, but the downside is that many people will face stiff competition as there are many more people looking for the same job. This is a difficult job for the recruitment consultant as they are having to find people of a high calibre to fit well into the position.

The demand for Essex recruitment can be high, with many people looking for good pay packages, for similar roles advertised further afield. Some people may decide to move from the big city to Essex for a fresh start on a new career. This is something that all recruiters need to consider when taking on board a new candidate looking for a job. Some may have even taken a pay cut to get to where they are now, therefore, the recruiter will need to discuss this in detail.

Smaller remote areas are not likely to see recruitment agencies as there is possibly not that many opportunities for a stable career in those area. Recruitment agencies aim to help those looking for employment to get their foot in the door. Those thinking about becoming a recruitment consultant, will need to think carefully about whether or not they can handle a job which requires working towards tight deadlines and meeting to client criteria.

Some recruitment agencies are exclusive to specific companies. These types of recruitment are known as retained recruiters. These recruiters are paid by a company to find employees for them only. These are usually open to people of an executive level, rather than being made available to the public. Contingency recruiters are the ones most people are familiar with. They are not exclusive to any company and are open for anyone to make an application.

Working as a recruitment agent usually means working hard to keep clients happy with the employees introduced to their company, meeting with clients on a regular basis, providing regular reports, focussing on the needs of the clients and matching it with the needs of the candidate, and providing feedback on interview information. These can very often be stretched into long hours and may require working above your contractual hour each week.

However, the benefits of working as a recruitment consultant is that you usually start out on an attractive salary, offered plenty of company benefits, are offered bonuses and make plenty of contacts with other clients. This is a competitive role whereby no two days are the same.
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Anna Stenning is an expert on finding good Essex recruitment agencies, having lived in Essex for a long time and approaching many of them herself.
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