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You're in Control of Your Articles

Jul 14, 2008
As an affiliate marketer, you have at least two types of products you're selling. One is the actual affiliate product you market online and offline, the other is the articles you write for wide distribution. You expend time and energy making sure your affiliate product presents well to the public. You have to spend the time and energy to ensure your articles do as well.

You are in control of your articles that connect with your readers. You are the idea originator, the planner, outliner, writer, reviser, and deliverer. The whole process is in your hands. There are basic guidelines you must follow to ensure quality content gets to your intended readers on a regular basis. Here are a few suggestions for you to consider so your article-marketing program remains effective.


Make sure what you are writing about is going to be of interest to your target market. Don't just slop together an article without any thought as to its purpose and focus. Your readers want to learn something from your content. When they come across an interesting topic that is loaded with useful information, they feel they have spent their time well.

They will respect you as a writer and authority in your field because you supplied them with needed data, advice, ideas, and facts. When they get to the end of your article and see a link to your website, there's a very good chance that's where they are going to go.

Writing Style

Make sure your articles talk directly to the reader. You have to write as if you are writing to one person. Your voice has to be a "you and I sitting down for a talk over coffee" voice. You do not want your voice in your article to sound as if you're giving a lecture at a packed symposium hall.

You the writer, an individual, are talking to that individual reader sitting in front of their computer. Make sure, especially for web content, that you write shorter paragraphs with shorter sentences. Do not have endless blocks of text that lull your reader to sleep.

Consistent Quality

As an affiliate marketer who utilizes article marketing regularly your name is spreading around the web. Astute readers in your subject area will begin to recognize your name and your links. If they read an article of yours, of high quality, they may look for you again in a web search. They will expect the same high quality. You must deliver this to your audience regularly. This is how you build a following. This following helps spread your name around to their circle of influence.

Eventually they are helping drive traffic to where you are, without you even knowing. If you let them down with sub-standard content you will lose them as readers, you will lose the click backs back to your affiliate website. You will lose your reputation as a high quality content provider. You do not want to be a one-shot deal. You want to be the person your reader relies on time and time again for relevant, useful information. That is how you drive sustained traffic to your affiliate site.

Good Old Spelling and Grammar

You come across as professional and respectful of your reader when you present articles that have proper spelling and grammar. This is true of articles you write for any medium and content and articles you publish on your own website. You know the horrors of finding web articles and content that sound as if the words are having a game of Twister amongst themselves.

Today's web surfers want coherent information that they can consume quickly. They do not want to stumble over misspelled words, typos, grammatical confusions, and broken or incomplete thoughts. They want concise informative content, presented clearly. They want to read it, understand it, and then move on. Provide them with that type of content and they will reward you by moving on to your website through the link you provide them.

Your article-marketing program will remain effective if you follow the above suggestions. You will give your readers interesting topics that speak directly to them, consistently, and in a clear way. That's all they ask for from you. You are the one who is in control to make sure they get it.
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