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Top Tips for Making Money Online

Aug 17, 2007
Making money online is now easier than ever. While the dot com boom of the mid to late nineties eventually folded because the internet was not the cash cow that everyone had been hoping for, it seems that the internet is starting to belatedly fill its promise. It is now possible for both corporations and individuals to become involved in making money on the Internet. A few of the best ways to start making cash on the world wide web is to become involved in affiliate programs, host web pages with contextual advertising, and sell products on the internet.

Getting involved with affiliate programs is a great way to start earning income online. Affiliate programs consist of special links on your site that point back to an internet marketer's site. If a visitor to your webpage clicks on the link and/or (depending on the program) purchases something through the affiliate link on your site, you receive a small commission. While the per transaction fee is usually quite low, it is possible to start seriously making money online with affiliate programs if you can get a large audience to come to your website and click on the links. Many companies allow internet users to start making money online by advertising their goods and/or services. The most prominent affiliate program is that of the online bookseller Amazon.com.

Another way to start making money online is to host contextual advertising on your website. While superficially similar to an affiliate program, with contextual advertising your site will host advertisements from a number of customers who have subscribed to the affiliate program. Google AdSense is a very popular contextual advertising program, and many people do quite well making money online with AdSense and similar contextual advertising programs.

Another great way to start making money on the Internet is to open your own internet store. While a knowledge of HTML and web programming is helpful, it is not a requirement for using this method. There are a number of commercial software packages that will take you step by step through the creation of your online store and handle all of the necessary HTML and scripting behind the scenes. Many people are concerned about the start up costs, particularly inventory costs, involved in creating an online store. Fortunately for those who are looking for ways to start earning a profit, there are a number of suppliers who will drop ship the merchandise. When a customer places an order, you supply the item code and name and address of the customer to the drop shipper. For a small fee, the drop shipper will send the item to the customer with your contact information. To the customer, it appears that you stocked the inventory yourself.
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