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The Importance of Setting Up Your Own Website Online

Aug 17, 2007
The importance of a website for any online endeavour cannot be understated. There are some who claim that you can make money online even without a website. This is true. It is possible to earn some income without the benefit of your own site. I would say that for the little money that it takes to set up your own domain name and hosting you are putting yourself at an disadvantage by not setting up your own storefront online.

Even if you register your own name(ie yourname.com ) as your domain name, it is a start. Domain names can be registered for as little as $3 per year. When you become a famous online entrepreneur people will have a place to visit.

The fact is, a website will make your business a whole lot easier.

Let's look at the distinct advantages of having your own website:

A website is your headquarters in cyberspace. You can fully automate its functions and leave it. If you do things right, it is capable of handling almost every aspect of your online business.

A website can serve as your digital store. You can display your products or a description of your services as well your portfolio in its pages. You could include a payment system, with the process summarized by a payment button, to make purchasing very convenient for your prospective customers.

A website can also be a directory for your affiliate links. I absolutely discourage affiliate marketers using the affiliate website provided by most affiliate programs. What happens if they go out of business and you have spent time marketing their site? Better to market your own site and then change affiliate links if required.

A website is a must for branding your name and your business. Branding is an essential process in Internet marketing. Your brand is the reputation you will build for yourself which could spell the difference between success and failure in your chosen market. Having your own website is not only a mark of professionalism, but it is also a way to make yourself and your business more recognizable to your chosen market.

A website can serve as your calling card on the World Wide Web. With all the anonymity that pervades the Internet, potential clients many times feel hesitant about transacting online. Having your own website will allow them to perform a 'whois' check on you, where they can find your personal details, verifying that you are a REAL person. I also suggest you post contact details and a photo on your website to further gain your visitors' trust.

With all the advantages that a website can provide for your business, failure to have one is simply not an option. If you wish to be competitive in the online world, you will need your own website.
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