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The Importance Of Direction In A Job Search

Jul 14, 2008
For those who have experienced unemployment for what seems an eternity they will understand how disheartening it can be when you are involved in a job search. Seemingly as an unemployed worker you spend hours and hours every day trawling through the job websites with no luck. While many who are unemployed have a clear idea of what they want to do the vast majority do not. This is the worst situation to be in, while you are heavily involved in your search, you do not have specific idea of what you are actually searching for.

When you have left formal education it is often the case that you reach a crossroads in your life. Part of this is embarking upon a job search that will eventually lead to the right career path. Having no idea what you want to do can make this difficult however; thankfully the internet has a variety of resources to make this task easier. The most useful of these resources are the testing sites that are able to define your personality traits and produce a list of suitable career roles.

By completing a few of these tests you can make your job search easier. While the questions asked may seem irrelevant to a job search the result produced can be extremely helpful. By understanding your own attributes and personality, you become aware of the types of jobs that you will enjoy and will be successful in. While the information is only guidance, it is usually advisable to follow this guidance and take the advice on board.

For those who are graduates it is often the case that you may expect a job at the end of your degree course. This however is rarely the case, the wide variety of degree courses available today means that even with a degree, there is no guarantee that a job will arise that relates to the subject matter studied. Additionally, with the larger number of graduates today, competition for graduate positions is greater. More advisable is to pursue a course that is vocational in nature such as law or social care. Unfortunately for those who leave university after completing a classical degree, the job opportunities are somewhat limited unless you intend to pursue your studies for the rest of your career.

It is also important to realise when embroiled in a job search that while you may be looking for a career, the 'job for life' is no longer in existence. Increasingly in the modern world, employees will change their job roles as well as their career paths during their working life. The options are wider today for those beginning a career, while change may be a possibility, it is still important to work in jobs that are likely to improve your CV rather than working in 'filler jobs'.

Having an idea of the jobs you want to do makes your search that much easier. This should always be your first step when job hunting, it may be a difficult task but it is essential to finding the right position. By being generic you may think that you are increasing your chances of finding work, this is a misconception however, unless your search has direction it is likely that it will be fruitless. Be sure to maximise your potential and keep the efforts up at all times. By having dedication success will eventually be forthcoming.
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Career expert Thomas Pretty looks into the approach needed for a successful job search.
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