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Finding The Right Search Engine Optimisation Company

Jul 14, 2008
Search engine optimisation is a rapidly expanding industry sector as businesses realise the importance of being at the top of search engine rankings. But finding the right search engine optimisation company can be difficult; whilst there are many companies out there who pursue methods of optimisation that can be deemed ethical. Equally there are companies who are happy to utilise 'black hat' or unethical methods that will eventually lead to poor results.

Firstly when looking for search engine optimisation companies it is important to avoid the scammers. If any methods proposed by your SEO specialist could be described as black hat it is time to walk away. Similarly, if an optimisation company promises that you will see number one rankings they are plainly lying; no one can guarantee such positions. In addition, if your SEO is purely changing the Meta data or creating doorway pages, these tactics will eventually have bad results.

Fundamentally you should look for certain signs of quality. Legitimacy is key when perusing the companies out there; you can find this out by looking at their website or the sites of their clients. A great place to find good search engine optimisation companies is the SEO forums on the internet; it is still important to be wary however as some people tend to promote themselves in forums. Another way to find great SEO specialists is by personal recommendation. Ultimately the company should be able to teach you something; if you know everything they are telling you, you may be able to do the job yourself.

It is also worth employing an optimisation company that predominantly carries out its business in your country. For instance if you are based in the UK, a UK SEO company will suit your needs better than one abroad. This is because the customer care will be better and if you need to contact them you will not have to worry about those pesky time zones. In addition, if the company is based in the UK, you will be able to visit them for face to face meetings.

When deciding upon what is a fair price it is important to realise that the more competitive your industry, it is likely you will have to pay more; this will be especially true if you are targeting very generic terms such as 'insurance' or 'cars'. What you pay is however is of vital importance; if you pay to little you limit the amount of optimisation will be carried out. In addition, if you have an exceptionally small budget you may find yourself being scammed more easily as unscrupulous SEO specialists will be more than willing to take a small fee and do nothing. The quality of your site will also be a factor in the eventual service price, if the site needs completely restructuring; chances are you will have to pay more.

If you feel that employing an optimisation company may in fact cost too much you may decide to follow the 'do it yourself' route. This however can be tricky, search engine algorithms often change and without specialist knowledge it is difficult to adapt to these changes. Additionally if you are optimising yourself the chances of unwittingly employing black hat tactics yourself are also increased.

As online business becomes ever larger it is understandable that you want your products or services at the top of the search engine rankings. How you do this is entirely up to you but remember that employing unethical methods will eventually lead to poor rankings. By finding an ethical and effective SEO company you should be able to achieve the success you so strongly desire.
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Internet marketing expert Thomas Pretty looks into the process of finding a search engine optimisation company and how the decision can be vital for success.
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