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Wholesale Distributor: Where Can You Find Them?

Aug 17, 2007
Today, buying a wholesale distributor contact list is a high risk. There are virtually hundreds of online websites saying that they can make you a wealthy rich guy upon buying their wholesale information. Not only do you see them on regular search queries on Yahoo, Google or MSN- such scams can also be found per the thousands on auction sites like eBay. I know you have probably seen them. They say things like: $0.99 car audio wholesale, get rich. Huge wholesale business contacts- $4.99 or the more newly ones- Get rich with my wholesale list, $9.99 and then you check the seller items and guess what, they sell nothing else but information. Are those the type of wholesale people that you as a newcomer to the wholesale industry want as an expert guide and mentor?

Not in this world, right? It is obvious- we want to rely on entrepreneurs that are expert in niches when it comes to wholesale business. We definitely need an expert that has made thousands of dollars, just from wholesale. It is even more obvious, the saying says it all: We Get What We Pay For. When you buy a distributor list for pennies on the dollar, you get what you pay for. When you download a list from an unknown seller that does not have credibility in the industry, you get what you pay for, outdated wholesale contacts. I definitely remember when I had so much enthusiasm to build my own eBay store and my own online mini-mall, I will never forget. The excitement was all over my mind- I could not take it. So what happened? I purchase a bunch of wholesale list online and on eBay- the results?

I got what I paid. Lost of money and worst of all, waste of valuable time. Now, by the time I took the Internet seriously early late 2004, I was still being paid pennies for the dollar on a per hour basis. I had to maintain a job to support my responsibility and myself. Yes, it was me back then- it could be you right now. The year 2005 did it for my company and me. I sold $1,000 plus in 24hrs and thousands of dollars a week. It all came with focus, determination and persistence. Every year gets better thanks to the Internet. You should start asking yourself if you want to build a business where you do not need to have a million dollar capital to become successful. You should ask yourself if starting a wholesale business offline for $100,000 is riskier than starting a wholesale profitable business online for a few hundred dollars is much better and safer. Think about it, hundreds of businesses start every year on the Internet that relate to wholesale. Would like to join the wholesale billion-dollar industry?

My suggestion as a wholesale addict and business entrepreneur myself, is to start on a wholesale business that you have or could develop passion. I own many wholesale business, however, the one I can talk to you further is the one I use to sell thousands on. Either offline or online you can sell video games virtually anywhere you want online in big amounts. I am here to stay and help you start a wholesale business store online today in any niche.
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