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A Small Overview of Online Marketing

Aug 17, 2007
As more people start turning to the internet to create their own home based businesses, online marketing is becoming more important than ever. Many professionals devote themselves full time to becoming Internet marketing specialists. Web site promotion and marketing often has a much greater return on investment than more traditional forms of marketing since the overhead is so much lower. Companies can provide online marketing at a very small cost, so it is possible for them to charge a very low amount to their customers. This article reviews a few of the most popular types of online web marketing.

The banner ad was once the only real vehicle for online marketing. Banner ads are obtrusive pieces of text and graphics that are typically found at or near the top of web pages. Later versions of banner ads utilized the technology of JavaScript and other client side scripting technologies to create the monstrosities known as pop up ads. Pop up ads essentially nailed shut the coffin of the banner ad as people were so put off by the ads that they would take steps to actively block them. The banner ad has returned in a somewhat more acceptable form as online marketing experts have started creating banner ads that are less obtrusive, have less annoying flashing and animation, and mesh better with the design of the site.

One very popular form of marketing is pay per click advertising. Pay per click advertising is usually combined with a search engine to display ads on the same screen as returned search results. The ads that are displayed are those that match the topic on which the internet user was searching. The marketing consultant only pays for advertisements that generates clicks (hence, the name). This is great for several reasons. First, the online marketing consumer is never charged for ads that do not bring eyes to their website. Second, the traffic generated by pay per click promotional campaigns comes primarily for consumers who are interested in the good or service being offered since they were searching for information on the topic already.

Another prominent form of online promotion involves trying to position the website more favorably in search engine rankings. Since most people find their way around the internet using search engines, it is important to make sure that sites that are undergoing online marketing rank as highly as they possibly can. Search engine optimization is an advanced suite of techniques that tailor your site to contain the elements that search engines value most highly. As search engine algorithms constantly change, search engine optimization is a continuously evolving field.

Online marketing is a vital and growing area of modern commerce. A successful online marketing campaign can make all the difference between a successful and unsuccessful online business.
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