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Using Autoresponders to Drive Traffic to Secret Pages

Jul 15, 2008
When you want to really pique the interest of a potential customer, sometimes you have to dig a little deeper into the creativity pocket to bring out some of your best ideas. Remember that most of what the internet marketing plans offer as education is knowledge that has been around for a rather long time. Finding unique methods of promoting your website while simultaneously applying the basic internet marketing plan can bring up some creative challenges that require a lot of thought to break into.

One of the really great "secret internet marketing plans" is using the power of unique access and personalized invitation to help draw a crowd. Whenever we make something "off limits" it suddenly becomes much more appealing to the average individual. Thus, developing a few "secret pages" and then using autoresponders to pique interest and provide special passes is a fabulous internet marketing plan booster shot that can really draw in your fence sitters.

When building interest for your secret plan, remember that lying, even for an internet marketing plan, is considered false advertising. You can design your secret page messages to be available to everyone, but you would need to choose your wording carefully. Don't represent your secret page access as a special gift to only a few if you are going to make them open to everyone. Find a common denominator that would apply to everyone but sound limiting. For instance, access may be granted especially to Bob because he was one of the lucky individuals who "opened the email on time" or something creative and open. Additionally, you can choose to be exclusive as a method of monitoring how many people respond to your special promotions and other great deals.

Setting up a secret page is really rather simple. You probably already have the tools and just aren't aware. Creating the webpage is probably the hardest part. You have to use information that you aren't planning on giving out elsewhere on your website, but it really needs to be fantastic information and really worth the promises of "secret" information. From there, you simply protect it via password. Your autoresponder message will do the work for you. Remember that you are trying to entice people to your website. Make it tempting, urgent, and let your email list know that they really want this information.

As you set up your internet marketing plan to boost your website hits through the secret page, make sure that you are still being honest even though you are trying to entice the public to join you. Lying or representing yourself or your business in any type of false manner can easily ruin your credibility. When you focus on an internet marketing plan, your credibility is vital.

This particular promotion should not be saddled with a time limit. In fact, doing so will eradicate the user's drive to come and check it out as you have just added an unspoken pressure to the mix. Yes, you would like to see immediate and obvious results, but you will find you will have better long term results by simply offering the special page access over the long haul. You can set your autoresponder to remind those who haven't logged in yet that they still have time to take advantage of their special access. Often we have to remind people over and over again before they take time out of their life to check out what all your fuss is about. Just one more reason why it really needs to be top notch information.

Resist the urge to charge for any of the information or special promotions that run on your special access page. You have created an autoresponder system to tell them how there is something fabulous waiting for them, so you will only aggravate those who show up only to find out that what you really want is their wallet. You aren't losing anything by giving away whatever is on your special access page, especially not money. Rather, you are gaining email addresses and the trust of those on your opt-in email lists.

You can continue to use your secret page as an internet marketing tool by adding in updates, new pages, and special offers, all through an autoresponder system that can communicate all the wonderful and creative ways that you have thought of to reach your clientele. Naturally, the more your customers feel that your secret page holds value, the better it becomes as an internet marketing tool.
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