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All About Reptile Supplies

Jul 15, 2008
Reptiles are very popular pets these days. Unlike the usual cats and dogs, reptiles need more supplies in order to sustain their growth. There are various reptile supplies you can get from pet shops.

Reptiles are cold-blooded animals that are covered in scales. They are called "tetrapods" which means that they have descended from animals with four legs or limbs. They are also called "amniotes' for they are surrounded by an amniotic fluid membrane. Having a reptile pet is a lot of work. Owners must provide their pets with their most adequate needs. Thus, they need to buy certain supplies that are of high quality and usefulness.

Listed below are some of the common reptile supplies:

* Metal Scoop: This is the perfect utensil for cleaning terrarium. This durable utensil with comfort grasp plastic handles is great for fine substrates. Its comfortable angled size makes it easy to use for reaching some debris.

* T-Rex Calci -Sand Cage: This fine granular cage is specially designed for reptile pets such as lizards, snakes, turtles, and tortoises. It is safe for direct contact with heating elements. The cage is easy to maintain and quick to clean. It comes with a bundle for damp waste materials as well as for preventing overflow.

* Reptile Aqualight UV Fixture 24 inches: The low profile and compact design of this UV light is about 65 watts and 7% UVB florescent. It is prepared with modern black aluminum housing plus an optimal lighting that is highly-polished for the reflector. This florescent lamp provides natural daylight and a full-spectrum of high-UV production.

* Temperature and Humidity Gauges: This beautiful temperature and humidity gauge is the most significant device in keeping reptiles healthy. It is also essential for creating a truly best environment for reptile homes.

* Aquatic Forceps: This stainless made forceps is perfect for reptiles like the aquatic turtle, water reptile, and grass type reptile. The textured shank of the forceps make it easy to use when wet. It is also made form non-rusting steel.

* Hemostats: The stainless steel hemostat is for hand-feeding or for preparing food for reptiles. Its long jaw and non-slip lock is used for easily preparing food.

* Reptile Handling Hook: This hook is useful for controlling aggressive, more agile and larger snakes. This adjustable hook is intended for moving lightweight and smaller snakes. The Collapsible hook is used for cases such as backpacking or traveling.

* Meal Feeding Dishes: This food bowl is specially designed for feeding pet reptiles. The food bowl has a space at the terrarium via fitting into cage corners. It is usually set in front so that the pets may easily reach their cooked meals. Reptile pets must eat all-natural food.

* Zoo Med Tortoise Food: High fiber food scientifically makes for land reptiles. Food must contain the right levels of protein and fiber in order to promote regular growth and shell development. Plus, it helps prevent the so-called tendency of "shell pyramiding". Thus, it also adds minerals and vitamins in order to keep the reptiles healthy and normal.

* Tetra ReptoFilter: This unique styled filtration keeps the terrarium and its water clear, odor-free and clean. This filter has an adjustable button for low or high water levels. It also has good quality, especially for removing discoloration, ammonia, and debris from reptile terrariums.

* Reptile Cage: This cage comes with a florescent lamp and Pro Heat Panel. The prototype design of this cage is perfect for lizards as well as snakes. It also has PVC inside, along with air ventilation and stand moisture.

* Repti Temperature Rheostat: This rheostat temperature adjusts most of non-thermostatically heating devices. It connects up to 3 compatible heating devices, along with combined wattage of around 140 up to 150 watts. Usage of the Repti temperature rheostats go well with rock heaters, ceramic heaters, and tank heaters.

* Safety Iguanas Collar: This complete adjustable collar will not bind nor slip. It is made from nylon material. The iguana leash can also be used for puppies, rabbits, ferrets and cats. The collar is washable.

* Wardley Tank Neutralizer: The tank neutralizer is used in dissolving acid water. Plus it is equipped for conditioning the terrarium water. It also has calcium acid so as to prevent the softness of shells in turtles.

* Reptile Hand Gloves: This device is used in order to eliminate fears about bites and minor scratches. It is also a protection when handling a reptile while transferring it from its cage.

* Analog Thermometer USR: This analog thermometer is equipped with three sided adhesive tapes for easy connection. It measures the temperature of the terrarium. The measurement range is from 30 up to 45 degrees Celsius.

* Zoo Med Blue Daylight Reptile Bulb: It is a perfect bulb that faces the light hoods. This bulb provides UVA that promotes the normal nutrition of the reptile. The electricity consumed normally runs from 65 up to 110 watts.
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