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Wisdom From The Past That Works Today

Aug 17, 2007
There was a salesman back in the 1940's by the name of Elmer Wheeler. He was a very good salesman. He sharpened his skills by researching how words affect potential customers in various selling situations.

In fact, he tested over 19 million situations where the choice of different words could effect the outcome of the sale. One of the things he discovered makes a tremendous difference in revenue generated from small transactions. This principal can be used in nearly any situation if you analyze the choice of words used, whether written or spoken.

This technique is used today in many selling situations, one you are probably familiar with is the fast food business. McDonald's is probably the most familiar. When you order a sandwich the order taker has been trained to respond with, "Fries with that." That little phrase has sold billions of pounds of potatoes.

That technique is called the, "upsell", today. Another example is when you order a drink with the sandwich the order taker will ask if you want a large drink with that instead of giving you the choice of large or small. That small difference results in a large increase in the bottom line profits for the franchise.

When Elmer Wheeler tested that very thing on five thousand customers he discovered that 7 out of 10 times the customer took the large drink. To illustrate the power of this concept to effect the profits let's do a little calculation. A fast food operation will probably sell an average of at least 500 drinks a day. If the difference in price of a large drink over a small drink is 50 cents, then 500 drinks at 7 out of 10 would mean that 350 of those drinks produced 50 cents more per drink. That's $175.00 more income per day. $175.00 time 365 days is $63,875.00 per year! Not bad for simply using the right choice of words.

This idea of using the right words is extremely effective in all selling situations, not just fast food restaurants. A very good example that applies to Internet marketing is the little three line ads used for adwords advertising. In fact, there's also a good reason for the small ads. It has been determined that the attention span of the average web user is only about long enough to read a three line ad. Any longer and they lose interest, pretty amazing isn't it?

So, if you are writing ads for adwords, you need to test and test again to find the right words. It won't always be apparent, in fact you'll probably be surprised what works the best.

The basic premise is that if you don't ask them if they want the large drink they may not order the large drink or if you don't ask them if they want fries, they may not think they want them. In other words if you don't ask you may not get.

And if the words you are using in adwords ads are not triggering the response you want, then you need to test until you find the words that do trigger that response..That is if you want to increase the bottom line.
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