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Using Pay per Lead with Your Affiliate Program

Jul 15, 2008
You can market your service, product or event with something called affiliate marketing. Affiliates are given commissions promoting a particular product or service for a company. Sometimes, affiliates are also offered a pay per lead program.

With this, affiliates earn commissions for every lead they send to a business or business owner. This can be advantageous to both the business and the affiliate.

Affiliates can bring in targeted leads already familiar with the products or services being offered. This may of course lead to more prospects buying the product and can also increase in sales.

If the business uses a pay per lead program, affiliates are paid for every lead they send, whether the lead becomes a sale or not. If leads that come in are not particularly profitable, this could make the business lose money.

There are some ways one can prevent this from happening. One way is to implement an invitation-only program. With an invitation-only program, the affiliate manager would look over the affiliate list he or she has and would then review each affiliates blog or website to see if he or she is reaching the desired target market.

After the affiliate manager reviews each website, he or she may choose an affiliate or several to send an e-mail to if the affiliate is thought to be a quality representative and producer. The affiliate is then sent an e-mail with a link that would allow him or her to sign up for the program.

Another way to do an affiliate participation program is to have leads cover the cost of the affiliate commissions. Most people would be perfectly amenable to paying small fees for information programs. These fees would then cover the cost of affiliate commission.

As an example, if someone who is marketing on the Internet launches a new information product, he or she may decide to hold an information teleseminar and then would charge participants each a dollar to attend. The person running the teleseminar may also record it as an MP3 and then allow participants to download and listen to it later. This is especially valuable because it allows those not attending the seminar to listen to it, and may therefore increase the seminar's perceived value.

An Internet marketer can also easily increase interest in a teleseminar by allowing affiliates to promote the call with 100% commission for everyone who signs up. This creates a win-win situation for the Internet marketer. Affiliates are very happy to earn a dollar for each lead, while the Internet marketer creates a mailing list of legitimate and interested targets for the launch of the new product or service.
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