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The Million Dollar Secrets for Doubling Your Website Traffic

Jul 15, 2008
Whatever the purpose of your website or blog...whether it is for fun or for profit, it stands to reason that you want as much traffic as possible. Nobody ever complains that they're frustrated because too many people visit their blog or website.

Even more important than increasing the total number of visitors to your site is boosting the number of visitors with a strong interest in its content.

And, it's better still if your traffic is free...if it comes as a result of good search engine rankings or free links on other websites rather than from paid advertising.

Think about these things for a minute and the first million dollar "secret" becomes obvious. If you want your website to get as much traffic as possible...if you want that traffic to be targeted, good search engine rankings are critical.

Nobody can argue against the often made statement that "content is king" in developing a good website and in achieving enviable search engine rankings. And, if you emphasize the wrong keywords on your website and in your promotional activities, you're sunk. But, anything and everything else you do will not get you where you want to be in the search engine rankings without an aggressive, ongoing link building effort.

Writing and submitting articles like this one is a great way to obtain quality links (look at the author's box below). If you wish, you can hire folks to write for you, very inexpensively. And, there are several good pieces of software which can automate the submission of your articles to article distribution websites, individual website owners, RSS feeds, and media outlets of various kinds.

Requesting links on appropriate websites can also move you well up the search engine ladder. And, while you can do it manually, there are several relatively inexpensive pieces of software which can make link building far faster, easier, and less tedious. Most SEO software offers a free trial, so try a few options before making a purchase.

My organization has offered a free ten lesson course in search engine optimization designed to help website owners for more than five years. Of all the many things we discuss in the ten lessons, we have found out, over and over again, that nothing is more important than linking.

If boosting your website traffic is important to you, there is no better way to use your time than by conducting a focused, ongoing link building campaign.
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Daniel Z. Kane owns a popular website which offers 10 free lessons on search engine optimization and search engine marketing .
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