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The Importance of One Way Links in Online Marketing

Aug 17, 2007
While the internet was once viewed as primarily a web where all information was found by static links from other web pages, that is no longer the primary model. The new internet paradigm is one in which users get most of their information from web sites that they discover using search engines. Search engines have revolutionized the way that people use the internet as it gives them fast access to the information they need. Since the web has grown to include billions of web sites, the odds of finding the site that you are seeking by simply following a trail of links is quickly approaching zero. Therefore, it is important for anyone who runs a business and uses their web site for marketing or sales to take whatever steps they can to make sure that their web site ranks highly with the major internet search engines. The best way to achieve high search engine rankings is to generate one way links.

One way links are links to a web site from a site that is not linked to from the other page. This is different from two way links which occur when two web sites mutually link to one another. In the early days of search engine technology, a link was considered a link regardless of their exchange status; however, since many users took advantage of this fact with the rise of link exchange programs, most of the major internet search engines lowered the value that they placed on two way links. In order to receive the best search engine rankings, therefore, it is important to cultivate one way links.

There are a number of ways to generate one way links. One of the best ways is to simply have great content on your web site. This will compel other web masters to add a link to your website as a service to their own customers. Not only will this kind of one way link improve the placement of your web site, it will also generate traffic from users who actually follow the link.

Another great way to generate one way links is to write articles for other web masters to use on their site and freely distribute. The one caveat that the article writer stipulates is that any use of the article should include a link back to the author's web page. If the article is particularly informative or entertaining then it may find its way onto many web sites and generate a high number of one way links.

Another great way to generate one way links is through submission to web directories. Web directories are central repositories of categorized links that help web surfers find the kind of site they are interested in. Perhaps the most well know web directory is the one maintained by Yahoo! While inclusion into some directories is free, many of them require a listing fee.
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