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What is a Trade Show and Trade Show Displays

Jul 15, 2008
A trade show is a kind of exhibition which is organized in order to provide space to the companies that wish to demonstrate their services and new products. Usually, a trade show is organized for a specific industry and all the companies in that particular industry can take part in the show by paying a fee. However, a trade show can cover a number of industries as well.

Sometimes, a trade fair is open to the public and people are allowed to see the new products and sometimes, only the company representatives i.e. the members of the trade are allowed to enter the trade fair. Apart from the members of trade and public, members of press are also invited to the trade fairs so as to cover the event.

A considerable amount of capital is required to successfully run a trade fair. A trade show is usually run for few days but a large number of people are required for the smooth running as a lot of services are required for exhibitors. The participating companies pay some agreed amount of money in order to showcase their new services and products in the trade fair. They spend money in order to create a buzz among people and it's worth it as they can get good amount of business if they manage to create the hype among people.

The money charged from participating companies is used for providing several facilities like accommodation, telecommunication, space for setting up the booth, designing trade show displays, constructing trade show displays, internet services and manuals. These services are required for smooth running of the trade show and you cannot neglect one facility while working on another.

All of them need to be considered equally as all of them are required. However, trade show displays need some special consideration as there are a number of different trade show displays and they vary greatly in cost, size and complexity.

So, they need some special consideration. Basically, trade show displays are physical screen banners that are used to attract the attention of the visitors and bold images along with catchy phrases are used to do so. Pipe and drape, tabletop displays, pull-up displays are some of the common types of trade show displays.

As it takes considerable amount of money, space, instruments, staff for running a trade show, virtual trade shows have been introduced. A virtual trade show is an online environment that stays live only for a limited period of time allowing like-minded participants to connect with each other. A virtual trade show can even incorporate a virtual web conference so as to allow users to interact with each other.

Usually, a virtual exhibit hall is included in a virtual trade fair and the users enter it in order to either setup the virtual booths or just to view the virtual trade fair so as to get information about the new products and services. Online registration is required in order to get the permissions to enter the exhibit hall available on the site. As a result of the development in technology, virtual trade fairs reflect the real-world virtual trade fairs as virtual trade fairs include desks, displays, interactive menus, videos and audios.

The virtual trade shows are gaining popularity among people as it's very easy to setup a virtual trade show when compared to a real-world trade show. Also, the cost and the resources required for setting up a virtual trade fair is very less when compared to that of a real-world trade fair.
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