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Jul 15, 2008
It is true that the most popular blogs make the most money, so how can you find those best topics to make your blog more popular? The answer is simple and can be accomplished in just a few thought process steps.

The first thing to do is consider you current blog readers and your potential blog readers. Your blog may be personal or business, and it may have a main theme or it may not. However your blog works, make a list of the things your readers enjoy reading.

If they enjoy reading your blog, they will pass it on, therefore bringing in more clicks, more impressions, more money. For instance, if your blog is simply about real estate, you might not want to blog about gas prices, but better yet ways to improve your homes value.

Bloggers love tips. If your blog post has the title "5 simple tips to easily update your home" you page impressions will love the word "tips" in the blog post title. Another great topic will work if it contains the words "money saving" or "cheap ways to." No matter what the current economy is doing, there is always a household where money is tight.

Current events or issues are always great topics to blog about. If bloggers are regular readers, sharing your opinion on a topic will invite them to get to know you better. Invite your readers to leave their opinions in a comment form and post some of their comments in a later post.

Creating a question and answer post will help you get bloggers returning to your page. Invite them to ask questions and answer them all over a certain period of time. Everyone asking a question will return to see their answer.

Personal experiences and stories also make great blog posts and topics. Talk about lessons you have learned or tell stories that others will appreciate reading. Blog readers always enjoy a good tip or lesson or a small piece of advice.

You might create a list of do's and don't or even a how to blog. The key is variety and spice. You can also simply invite readers to comment on a topic they would like to learn more about.

Another great way to increase the popularity of your site is to set up contests and give-a-ways that reward those that read your blog regularly. Every blogging mom is up for a recipe book or craft book. Even a cd or dvd of something relative to your blog theme will work great.

You might also invite readers to submit their own posts for you to share on your site. Enjoy reading their stories and take a break from blogging by posting a story from a guest writer.

The most important thing to remember is that you want bloggers coming back time and time again to view your site. You might have great topics, but they have to keep revolving all the time. Updating often will keep guests interested every time they visit.
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