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Is AdSense Right for Your Website?

Jul 15, 2008
If you read anything about Internet marketing, many websites have stressed that Google AdSense is very important, while still other Internet marketing points of view caution against it. There are a lot of conflicting opinions out there about Google and AdSense, so that it can be hard to figure out what to do if you want to tap into this market yourself.

What is Google AdSense? It's a program that lets you as a website owner or as a blogger earn money by allowing Google to place ads in your websites and blogs. If you sign up for AdSense, you choose the shape and color your ads are going to be on your website or blog.

When you're satisfied with how the ad looks, you as the website owner click a button and the Google AdSense program generates code that you then paste into your site. Google can then read the content of these sites and blogs and insert ads related to that content. When someone visits the site and clicks on these ads, you receive a credit to your account for that viewing or click.

How much you earn for viewings or click-throughs depends on what visitors actually did. However, once you balance reaches $100, you can ask for the funds to be sent to you.

Some people claim to make a living with AdSense, but most people don't make very much. However, don't discount it simply because of that; it can still provide additional small amounts of income that don't cost anything and don't require extra time beyond the time you put into your website or blog anyway.

You should know that Google does decide what ads are shown and what order they appear in. Google does strive not to put anything distasteful or explicit on your site, but you aren't going to have a lot of say in what appears and what doesn't. If you don't agree with this, simply don't participate in Google's ad sense program.

Whenever someone decides to display ads on his or her site, remember that this also can cause visitors to leave the site. If you don't want your visitors to leave your site and would prefer they stay there to review your products and services (and therefore increase chances of buying), perhaps these ads aren't going to be a great idea for you.

As mentioned previously, differ as to whether or not they think AdSense is a good idea. Each viewpoint has validity and in the end, this is a personal choice for you.

As a website owner, you can also try out different techniques and keep track of which ones work best for you.
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