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The Business Hubs of the World - USB Hubs as Promotional Items

Jul 15, 2008
USB hubs are widely used, and highly coveted, which is what makes them a great idea for a promotional gift. They are fairly cheap, can be bought in bulk, and people genuinely want them.

To many the initials are familiar, but who really knows what the USB does? Or even what it is.

A USB is a Universal Serial Bus, and it carries something, just like a bus does, for simplicity at this time. Let's just say that it carries power. The USB is a system that will allow ancillary equipment to be plugged into someone's personal computer. There are specific ports on the USB that are configured in such a way that other electrical devices can not be plugged in. You will also find USB ports on the back of your personal computer and now you have an idea of what the plug in port looks like.....It has a shape that is similar to a telephone jack. This USB hub has spaces for multiple attachments and by using this you can plug extras, like cameras and speakers into your computer. You can then add and remove any of these devices without unplugging or cutting off the computer. This method of exchanging or removing devices has been called the "hotplugging" method in the past. It is very difficult to hook up a USB cable or connector the wrong way. They are very directionally designed and even someone with little mechanical or electrical ability can complete this step. Each USB device hooks up with its own specific cable that is usually included in the box that the product came in. But should you run into some problem you will find out that many of the USB cables can be interchanged from one device to another but there are some that will not be able to be exchanged as they may look similar but are not. You can read the numbers and info on most cables as well as the products so you must be certain that these numbers match.

Remember that USB Hubs can be used to supply power to some low consumption devices but their primary use is to allow multiple USB devices to hook into them and thereby hook or bus them to your PC. You know that your PC loves devices like cameras and speakers and printers. And you know that message you get when you hook up a new device. Yes, you have seen your computer prompting info about that new device it has found and is trying to get it sorted out and up and running. The USB Hub was the responsible carrier or bus that allowed the device to get a ride to the station. Multiple USB hubs can be connected with each other to allow more port space for more devices.

It seems as though are always devices to hook into USB ports and there are always new peripheral equipment for your computer. Not to worry though one single USB controller alone (and your PC has more than one ) can control up to 127 devices. When you check the back of your PC you will quickly observe how few of the USB ports there are for use. If you want to check out a really cool, but a bit out of date, USB hub, check out the Doctor Who' Tardis 4ports system, you may want to get one of your own. And, consider using USB hubs to place your company logo on next time you are searching for a promotional item.
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Matt Franks is director of Fluid Branding, the UK's largest supplier of Promotional USB Hubs and Branded USB Hubs at www.fluidbranding.com. For Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit www.ecoincentives.com
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