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Jul 15, 2008
PTR or Paid To Read programs have been around for a really long time. And like every other program out there sometimes the idea becomes more of a novelty than anything else. But for the most part, people now a days STILL do Paid To Read programs. The reason behind this is simple. Firstly its easy to do. You simply sign up for an account with a PTR site and then you receive emails either in your personal inbox, or in your site inbox. Then you read these emails, and click the links with in the emails.

The second reason these sites are pretty popular is because its easy to get paid out. Most of the old sites had a 30 day TOS, which only allowed you to get paid AFTER 30 days. But now almost more than half of these sites now offer earlier payouts ranging from a few hours to a few days. And most of them also have either a no minimum payout, or an automatic payout.

No minimum payout means you can earn as much as you want or can, and then you can cash out, whenever you want, with as much cash as you have. So if its a no min site, and you have 30cents or $300 you can cash out.

Automatic payouts are where you earn a certain level of money and then the site pays you out automatically, there is no "asking" involved. For example if the website has a $5 minimum auto payout, then once you reach $5.00 on your account (or more) then they automatically payout $5.00+ to your e-gold or Pay Pal account.

And lastly, the reason these sites are popular is because of convenience. The three most popular ways to get paid out with these sites are e-gold, moneybookers and pay pal. I know a lot of people that actually make really good money doing whatever other business online, and then they also do Paid To Read programs to pay for hosting and whatnot. Some people make a really fair amount of money with Paid To Read programs, and others don't. Really it depends on refs. If you can get a lot of refs that are active clicking links and reading emails like you, then you can make several hundreds of dollars per month depending on the program you choose.

A good way to pick a good program is by going to a few of the "review" sites for the paid to read industry. These sites below are ones I have used in the past when I was involved with PTR programs and they are popular sites with in the paid to read community, so I suggest checking them out!


Quick advice for the newbies:
If a site offers to pay you emails for a LARGE amount of money say $5 per email or $500 per email, chances are its either a scam site or the emails really are worth that much, but you cant cash out. Its an advertising only site. Which means if you earn $5000 you cant get money, you can only buy advertising ON the site.

Always get reviews for a site before joining it. And try to join sites that have been around for a long time, until you get a good feeling for who's good and who's not.

Don't PAY for referrals. I know its really tempting. But usually when you pay for say 50 referrals you MIGHT only get 1 referral that stays and is legit. Its best to join sites like GPTforum and make a thread, and get people that are legitimately interested in signing up under you.
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