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How Multi-level Marketing Companies Adapted to the Changing Times

Jul 15, 2008
Multi-level marketing companies abound in the market, most especially since the introduction of the internet. If fact, just browsing through different web sites regarding this particular business will give you many and varied results. But despite all these developments and despite its popularity that had lasted through all these years, people had become wary in joining these types of businesses. Some promotions about MLM share some part of the blame, for example, their advertisements usually says that you will earn up to a few thousand dollars in just a few weeks and most don't deliver on their promise.

The fact that multi-level marketing or MLM is usually associated with pyramid schemes doesn't help either. But there are many legitimate MLM companies out there and they do provide real opportunities and a chance to earn some extra money but you need to discern what a real MLM company is and what isn't. Usually, the most basic thing you really just have to remember is that legitimate MLM companies derive their income from existing products that they sell and not from the people that they were able to recruit. Of course, it is almost inevitable that they would give some form of compensation to the individuals that are diligent in bringing in more people into the company as distributors but this should not be the sole form of compensation.

Different MLM companies also have different forms of compensating their members. Some MLM companies use the unilevel plan wherein each member can recruit as many people as he can and get the full commission on what the people in his downline have been able to sell. This type of compensation is the most basic and most probably the most preferred type of compensation that members have but right now, few companies continue to practice it because of innovations to this type of model that was more acceptable to MLM companies and that brings us to the next type of compensation plan which is the matrix plan.

Matrix plans are like unilevel plans in a lot of ways but the number of people directly under you is limited. Then there is the binary plan wherein you will receive your pay every time the pair under you reaches a certain amount of sales. The commission you receive is actually fixed but you can receive it many times in a month depending on your performance.

Right now, multi-level marketing companies are experiencing a change that was brought about by the internet. Probably the greatest strength that MLM companies has, distribution, is no longer that big of an advantage because people can now access products that they sell through the internet at a lesser price. This is because there are no commissions to be paid to distributors. But the days of MLM companies are far from over, in fact, the internet, which should have bought their downfall is also the instrument that is helping them get back on their feet once again.

Innovation on their products and systems is the key to a long and successful life of their company. There are some MLM companies that were not able to survive the onslaught of the internet but the few who did are stronger than ever and they are using the internet to their advantage. Through this, they were able to reach more people who are able to sell their product and they were also able to reach out to even more people who buy their products.
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