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Jul 15, 2008
How and why to organize an advertising campaign in e-antiqua and the associated magazines? Using e-antiqua as an advertising instrument allows reach thousands of art and antiquity impassioned everyday with different types of advertising spaces beginning from the banners in the home page and ending with the reports in the internal search motor. Besides, through agreements with the major magazines of the sector, e-antiqua permits facilitations for editorial publications and advertising pages.You will receive reports back on number of impressions given, click through rates and other information that you can use in understanding and managing your campaign.

How can you make my next advertising campaign more successful and cost effective? There are many aspects of a direct mail list program that can be enhanced, resulting in a more qualified and efficient list. Your return on investment can be increased by fine-tuning demographic variables, creating response models or by utilizing advanced postal presort options. You will experience a higher percentage of mail pieces reaching your true target audience which reduces the cost of wasted mailings.We can have your campaign up and running in a week.

Why do I need a Pay-per-click advertising campaign? The Internet allows you to reach your constituents in several different ways including organic and sponsored search engine advertising. With non-sponsored so-called "organic search", you compete with every single page on the Internet that features similar keywords. As a result, your message is invariably lost in a sea of other websites that appear because they contain the same or similar keywords.Simply email or call us with instructions for what you would like to accomplish.

How long does a typical advertising campaign run for? A typical advertising campaign is 31 days, but the length of the campaign is can be changed based on your need. Each campaign can have up to 5 banners, each with different delivery rates if needed (eg. banner 1 delivered twice as many times as banner 2). You can change banners at anytime during the campaign. The banner can be animated or Flash based.

How will the online reports benefit my advertising campaign? You will receive reports back on number of impressions given, click through rates and other information that you can use in understanding and managing your campaign.Advertising effectiveness can be measured using quantitative and/or qualitative techniques. The way you go about it depends on what you are trying to measure. Are you interested in building broad awareness for your brand? Do you need sales leads for your reps? Are you in a direct sale mode where you need to make the phone ring? Determining what you want to do will shape the way you go about evaluating effectiveness of your marketing efforts.Answer: Because each advertiser is unique in the market, it is difficult to suggest a budget amount. However, here are a few tips to consider when determining your budget.

How can I check the creative that is being served on as per my advertising campaign? Once you advertise with you will be able to keep track of all those creatives (both banner ads as wells as logos used for sponsorship), at that time.The proage advertising campaign is about celebrating women 50+ and widening the definition of beauty to show that real beauty has no age limit. Our goal was to feature beautiful women as they really are with self-confidence, age spots, wrinkles and gray hair. The Dove global report "Beauty Comes of Age" revealed many women in this age group are proud of the changes in their appearance with age.
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