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Some Tips on Gaining More Exposure With the Use of Promotional Notebooks

Jul 15, 2008
There are some things that just cant be replaced completely.. You can tell your secrets to a friend, Put memos on your cellular phone, Memorize every single word that a lover, friend, teacher or parent told you, have these flash backs over and over again, or you can write all of those things on a notebook. Notebooks are here to stay, no matter how advance you make palm pilots and laptops, a notebook is not going to turn off on you, you don't have to do troubleshooting on it, charge it, store it in a heavy bag or even protect it from being stolen! Its your book of memories, thoughts, reminders, notes, lectures, secrets, whatever you want it to be.

That make a simple notebook seem like the coolest thing on earth, doesn't it? So how can you make that simple notebook into your money gaining machine? By giving it out for free, toy your clients, to your customers, give them a promotional notebook for free. It wont be much on your end, but it could mean a lot in theirs. Nobody dislikes something free, people love free stuff! And what they like even more is something free that they can really use, use it anywhere, use it everyday. Everyone has one, needs one or could use more!

From a little kid learning to draw to an old man writing stories of the woman he fell in love with, you can market this to suit any of your customers, and the design options are too many to count. From pictures of products like food, sweets, clothes, shoes, logos of companies who provide services, simple colors, designs, character etc... limitless options.. So think of the benefits you can gain from this, a notebook that someone can bring anywhere they go, and i mean anywhere! Students in school, a secretary at work, an accountant, a planner, a designer, a manager, people of all jobs use notebooks! And with this notebook they will have your products, in picture or in logo form, with them as well. If your a fast food joint, and you have a picture of a delicious looking hamburger on the cover, every time they look at that book they are gonna want to have a bite of that burger!

Giving out these promotional items is also not a problem, they aren't shorts that are for summer or sweaters that are for cold weathers only, they are items used every single day of the year! But in order to have more impact, give them out on times when people need them more.. Like the beginning of the school year for example, or the semester for college.. New year when people want to stat all things new.. So think about these things before giving away your freebies... who are your customers? When will they need this promotional notebook? What kind f a notebook will suit their needs better? With lines or with blank pages? A big notebook or a small one? And will they appreciate it more if it was not only free... but made with recycles paper as well.
About the Author
Matt Franks is director of Fluid Branding, the UK's largest supplier of Promotional Notebooks and Branded Notebooks at www.fluidbranding.com. For Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit www.ecoincentives.com
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