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Domain Investing - Investments That Pay Dividends (Part 1)

Jul 15, 2008
Domain investing has never been a great favorite not even amongst the most experienced marketers. There are various theories to just what domain investing is, but basically they all point at a need for casual traffic which therefore generates a poor return.

The general consensus of opinion nowadays is that a domain name is not important and that NoggyDog.net is just as good as Banks.Com, with the understanding that the content on each site is identical. Now I too used to believe this but I can assure you now that I was completely mistaken. I will reveal the awesome value of domain investments with a couple of questions for you. Which domain name would you consider to be most valuable but strictly on a valuation basis? ... Google.com or Books.com?

I expect most of you have answered Google.com as it does stand out just a bit, but incredibly it is not the correct answer and this is why. Google is as we know just the brand of a search engine and it is not very often used as a keyword. The important thing that comes out of this is that when you own a domain name, you have total power over your keyboard.

The domain name Google.com is one of the short names that sound cool and easy to remember and I too have several similar type domain names. They only receive minimum traffic as they are not proper words that people would use to find something and the same would have applied to Google. This type of domain name investment could cost millions of dollars in branding costs, otherwise it would only earn a couple of bucks a year through click revenue and at auction would only sell for about 2000 dollars.

But what if you owned CellPhones.com? How many visitors would you get then, and what might they be looking for? Welcome to the wonderful world of type-in traffic, also known as direct navigation. Based on established type-in click-through metrics for the domain industry, and my own personal experience, a domain like CellPhones.com probably gets between 3000 and 5000 type-in visitors a day or about 125,000 visitors a month. (Find out more in part 2)...coming soon.
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