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The Sophisticated Promotional Item - Fountain Pens

Jul 15, 2008
Simple elegance and sophistication are masterfully displayed in and office by the presence of a fountain pen. The eyes of all that enter are drawn to the elegant design or color of the pen and any special characteristics. If your logo or brand name was prominently displayed there for all to see, your message of refined professionalism is enhanced by using the stylish pens. Many people viewing pens of higher quality such as these grant the owner or the company a measure of respect for reviving an early version of the writing instrument.

Pens are the backbone of the promotional industry and come in too many styles, sizes, types and designs to try and mention all of them in detail. Many companies spend thousands on "throw away" pens that are designed to be lost or break after several days to weeks. The company logo or message is spread widely, but mostly is of a short duration. The audience targeting is random as well when using the most inexpensive items available in the pen market. A fountain pen however, is not a temporary or expendable item in a home or office.

Using the customised fountain pen to reward your customers, employees and executives can send a message about the level of class your organisation maintains. These pens are not usually mass produced by the thousands as branded items, but are more likely in the hundreds and targeted at key people in the group. The initial order may only have a logo, symbol, or message displayed for the company or event. After the order is received, special occasions can be accommodated by engraving the recipient's name and date onto the pen.

Color is no obstacle to using fountain pens as promotional products. The company colors can be used or a limited group of tints purchased to allow some choices among the target audience. There may be a standard organisation color scheme, but many workers will desire to personalise their work décor with colored accents such as pens. In addition to color, the pens may have ornate caps or clasps designed to grab the eye and gain admiration. The brand name and logo of the organisation can be put in complimentary colors that offset the standard scheme enough to provide great visibility.

Fountain pens allow for a variety of ink selections to further enhance the status of the pen owner. Inks may be in a pre-packed small container, or the more traditional ink bottles. High quality ink is available and just using a high class pen such as this, can improve the morale and productivity of an operation. All employees will not start writing calligraphy laden reports, but sloppy work may be reduced.

These fancy pens are symbols of style and professional acumen but don't have to cost a fortune to use as a promotional product for the company. There are many choices of pen quality and prices vary significantly between the lowest and highest qualities.
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Matt Franks is director of Fluid Branding, the UK's largest supplier of Promotional Fountain Pens and Branded Fountain Pens at www.fluidbranding.com. For Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit www.ecoincentives.com
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