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Fly High With Frisbees

Jul 15, 2008
Get your Company to rise above the competition by using promotional Frisbees

Use it as a company gift on a special occasion, use it as a give-away on a momentous sports event or use it as a souvenir for a benefit event, use it as a prize for a raffle, give it away to kids or Frisbee aficionados for fun and promotions, give it to people with dogs to fetch to attract pet lovers, promote yourself in tradeshows through these promotional Frisbees, give it to everyone who simply know how to appreciate and practices the pure essence of R & R. Now, you'll understand that you're taking your publicity into NEW HEIGHTS - literally!

See those promotional Frisbees fly and touch the sky. These promotional Frisbees come in assorted sizes, shapes, designs and colours! And as they drop on the ground, on sand, water, rocks or even concrete - your promotional Frisbee is legitimately durable and weather proof. Just try not to put it directly on flame, that's a different story. Print them with your coolest and wackiest company or graphic designs in custom made multi-color flying discs weighing 110 g or 165 g - you will surely hit the spot. To the beach, to the parks, to the fields, to the green, to any open space where it can be tossed, hacked, fancily and acrobatically thrown, let your promotional Frisbees be visible to everyone. Use a celebrity to promote your promotional Frisbee, come up with a craze that everyone should have your promotional disc, or even use it as an entrance pass in your event, etc. etc. All for the glory of PUBLICITY!

We have come to a time so advanced in promoting our causes, our products and our goals to the greater public. We now learn the value of promoting ourselves with a theme tagged along with it. Regardless of what it may be for good will or simply vanity, a promotional Frisbee is effective in reaching out to a general public. Research studies and statistics show that consumers today are more into the trends. People nowadays love to accessorize and be seen with something hip and cool. Something that is portable and recreational. They want something that comes with an impact and tested. They patronize products because they simply believe in it. With these reasons in mind, creativity and understanding your market is the key.

One classic example is the LIVESTRONG wrist bands, brought on by Lance Armstrong. He started it. He used that band to promote a cause; to find funding for his research team, to find a cure for cancer. People felt the urge to support the cause because he's not the only one with cancer. So, every wrist band sold for 1 made people feel good about the purchase and ended up being an effective strategy in funding his cause. As a sports icon and as an advocate, he definitely got the sympathy of the world. If a mere band can do it, why can't a promotional Frisbee do it? It's about time that you promote your company, product, organization, band or cause through an edgy promotional Frisbee because it comes along with a message of FUN, an active lifestyle and genuine leisure.
About the Author
Matt Franks is director of Fluid Branding, the UK's largest supplier of Promotional Frisbees and Branded Frisbees at www.fluidbranding.com. For Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit www.ecoincentives.com
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