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Tips on Letter Openers

Jul 15, 2008
A letter opener or sometimes called a paper knife, which is similar to a sharp knife with a long slim blade and a handle and is used to open letters. A letter opener is also excellent to open packages and even slit uncut pages in a book. Letter openers have been used as a promotional tool for decades. They're stylish and useful, making them one of the first promotional tools ever to be used.

Letter openers are generally made of wood, metal and plastic or a combination of the three materials. With constant use the cutting blade will become blunt and will require replacing or sharpening.

Electric letter openers are available and are powered by a motor. The blade slides across the envelope, opening the letter immediately. Electric letter openers are much more expensive than the knife like letter openers. The advantage of an electric letter opener is the effortless speed you can open a large quantity of mail, although the blade can cut into the contents of the letter and damage it. Naturally you would purchase a letter opener according to your needs.

Many people open their letters with their fingers and are happy to do so, although that process is slow in comparison to using a good quality letter opener. And the risk of paper cuts on your fingers is much higher. Once you have used a letter opener you will never want to open mail manually again.

In the workplace where there is a large volume of mail received each day a letter opener is a must. A good letter opener opens mail in one quick clean swipe.

Letter openers make an excellent gift for both men and women, especially if you want to give an impersonal unisex gift. Many companies and workplaces offer letter openers as gift or promotional offers to staff and special clients, as a thank you gift.

There is a wide variety of novelty letter openers available on the market today, due to the fact that so many companies are offering them as promotional gifts. Sometime people have been given a letter opener as a gift, and they have not initially known what it was due to the novel design of the letter opener.

Letter openers come in many different shapes and styles, although they all have a blade to open the letters. When purchasing a letter opener always consider the following:

Purchase a letter opener that suits your business or needs. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy letter opener if you don't receive much mail.

If you receive a large quantity of mail each day, an electric letter opener may be the best option. Although electric letter opener s more expensive they do the job much quicker than manually.

Some letter openers can be sharpened or have the blade replaced, while others will need to be totally replaced.

Letter openers are brilliant for opening mail, although care is needed at all times when using a letter opener. Many people have cut themselves with a letter opener. A hand held letter opener could be used as a weapon if the need ever arose for self-defense. Great care is also required with the letter openers in the homes of children. If a child fell on a letter opener they could seriously injury to themselves.

Letter openers are a classic household item, yet many people do not use them any more. For this reason, they make a fun, unexpected promotional item to use to help brand your business.
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Matt Franks is director of Fluid Branding, the UK's largest supplier of Promotional Letter Openers and Branded Letter Openers at www.fluidbranding.com. For Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit www.ecoincentives.com
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