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Decanters Can Decorate and Promote Businesses

Jul 15, 2008
Decanters make very inexpensive and stylish promotional gifts. They are easy to find on the market, and buying them in bulk is not a problem. Take a look at what a decanter is exactly, and decide for yourself if you think it would fit in with your marketing strategy.

When people hear the word decanter, most everyone associates this word with wine. Indeed, that is a prime purpose of using them. By pouring some of the wine into the decanter the wine is able to be left open to the air and it is allowed to breathe. No one who knows anything about wine would dare serve red wine that has not been allowed to properly breathe.

To decant means to pour off or separate the liquid from the sediment. This is accomplished by a careful pouring of the wine into the tilted decanter and allowing the wine to travel slowly and gently down, along the neck of the container. As the wine is carefully poured into the long neckpiece the sediment as well as a small remaining amount of the wine will stay in the original bottle. These containers into which the wine is to be poured are meant to be both useful in form and function and in many cases you will find that form is what most connoisseurs look for. No quality bar, that has a wine service, would ever be considered appropriate and complete unless it had a good wine set and a decanter present. . The most common material to be used for any of these decanters is a leaded glass which does not impart any impurity or unusual taste into the wine as it is being allowed to warm and breathe at room temperatures. Most of these vessels have a wide flat bottom and a long and elegant, slender neck. they are quite beautiful and graceful. Artists today are taking many more liberties in the making and design of decanters today. A decanter is usually clear glass so everyone can enjoy the colors of the wines as they sit on display. However we are seeing some colorful and unusual decanters now gracing the marketplace. People are realizing that containers can serve simple as a very decorative item and can add an air to your room or home by its very presence. Decanters are also used in the pouring of other liquids with sediment, such as coffees.

These should only be purchased in specialty shop or a wine shop where the uses and the design can be tested, talked about and observed. Very knowledgeable sales people are a necessary tool in the purchase of this kind of item. You will find many places offering decanters and you will find them offered at all sorts of prices. The materials will range from crystals to blown or leaded glasses. The offering will be both astonishing and overwhelming and many of these are beautiful, almost beyond belief. In fact, some 40% of the ones bought will never be used to hold any sort or wine or any other beverages. They will have been purchased purely for decoration or as an impulse item. If you are buying without having adequate knowledge or guidance, you may purchase the ones made from blown glass, as they are among the loveliest, but would you be surprised to know that it would be the most likely to break during the first use.
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Miles Lovegrove is director of Fluid Branding, the UK's largest supplier of Promotional Decanters and Branded Decanters at www.fluidbranding.com. For Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit www.ecoincentives.com
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