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How to Drive Free Traffic to Your Website - Part Two

Jul 15, 2008
The first step you must take is rework your article into a video. You want to rework your article into a video. This is can get a little complicated. If you are not proficient in using the computer or do not want to learn please hire this stuff out - it will save you loads of time.

What you will need to start out with is some recording equipment maybe a microphone and audio recording software like sound forge built by Sony. With this, you can record yourself reading your article. You can also hire a voice talent to do this work typically a professional voice talent gets paid at least $100 per hour.

When you have your audio created and are ready to go, it is time to start creating the video. We use Microsoft power point or a picture editing software's to create a template slides to use in our video and we use video editing programs like Sony Vegas movie studio to put the audio and template slides all together.

You want to create at least 3 to 5 slides with key bullet points in your article. If more slides are needed, then you can make more (3 to 5 should be enough). When you create your slide make sure to save them as a picture file like "jpeg" so that you can import them into the video software. Once you have all of these items you will need to import the media into the video editing software and start building your video.

Once you're finished editing your video you will need to create the different video files. You need to make sure to create 3 different file formats. This will help you get more visibility on sites that use different video formats (mpeg1, mpeg2, rm).

Now you're ready to start submitting your videos to video submission websites. To do this, you will need to submit your video to different video submission websites. Just like the article submission, and PR (Press Release) submission websites you will need to create accounts at all the different video submission websites. Then you log into the site and upload your video. This will take a little bit of time because videos take some time to upload. You will then need to create a description for your video so that the video submission sites know what content you have uploaded to them.

The results you get from video submissions are fantastic. Videos have become the staple for the internet today. The Big 3 (Google, Yahoo, MSN) are trying to turn the internet into the next television, so videos get ranked very high.

Here is a list of video sites you can start submitting to:


Next: Turn your audio into a Pod Cast.

Since you already have your audio file created (you used it in the video presentation), you need to pod cast it. Pod casting is one of the quickest ways to start your own radio station. With iTunes having over 200 million users, there should be no reason why you would not want to start pod casting today. When you use iTunes 4.9 or later, Apple has taken pod casting mainstream by building everything you need to find, subscribe to, manage, and listen to pod casts right in iTunes.

You can publish your podcast to iTunes (as long as it's free of copyrighted material and overtly explicit content) and reach a potential audience of millions. There are video tutorials at apple to help you get through this task.
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