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How To Make Money Online (Part 2 of 10)

Jul 15, 2008
Successfully writing and selling your own ebook requires the least amount of marketing knowledge than any other type of online marketing. However, you must create a well written book on a hot topic in order to have any chance at success.

Why do I think selling your own ebook is the best way to market online? Because there is an army of hundreds of thousands of marketers who are eager to sell your book! These marketers have the one thing you absolute must have in order to be successful online: web traffic! And these marketers are readily accessible through the countless affiliate networks online.

When creating your own digital book to sell online, you can write it yourself or you can hire a writer. Unless you're an above-average writer, it's usually better to hire a professional to research and create your digital book. If you decide to write the book yourself, you probably want to study other successful ebooks and emulate their structure and layout; there's no need to reinvent the wheel when writing your book.

Picking a topic for your new ebook is easier than it seems. Join a few affiliate networks and take a look at the current best selling books. Whatever those topics are, you should strongly consider writing a book in their exact niche or one that closely relates.

I know a lot of writers who are reading this article are probably cringing at the idea of not writing a book on the exact topic you want to write about. You're probably saying you want to write about your personal life experiences or maybe a How-To-Book on an obscure topic. All I can say is you might have fun writing the book but you certainly won't make big money. In order to be successful with an ebook online, you must write about solving big problems for the average person.

The best topics are going to be in the finance, health, or relationship genre. There's really no other genre of book that is going to give you a chance for big money online. Not too mention there are heavy-hitting marketers in those specific markets who can give your book instant exposure the moment it is ready for sale.

The next step in selling your ebook is to create a website. It's important that your pitch page (the main page of your site) have excellent, professional copy for visitors when they reach your site.

It is worthwhile to hire a professional writer to craft the text for your sales page. Also, you should analyze and emulate the websites of other successful ebooks. Again, there is no reason to reinvent the wheel; you can easily lay out your site in a similar fashion to the top selling books online and you will have a much better chance of success than if you designed a brand new site layout from scratch.

The other pages you will need to add to your website are a testimonial page, a contact page, an "about us" page, and terms of use page (or privacy policy). It is very important that your website be a minimum of five pages and the text is highly relevant to your product. Also, your contact page should contain an actual mailing address (even if it's a post office box). A highly relevant, five-page site will allow your marketers to direct-link to your site through Adwords and maintain a high quality score which should allow for a low cost per click.

The last step in the process is to add your book to an affiliate network. The longest running network for digital products online is Clickbank. You should add your book to the Clickbank network as soon as it's ready for sale and you will see almost overnight exposure.
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