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Email Marketing - Make It Personal for Higher Response Rates

Jul 15, 2008
When you write each response, start with the name of a trusted friend and write as if the message was just for that friend. Then edit out the friends name and set up the message so that your autoresponder takes over and inserts the prospects name.

Personalization isn't just for emails - use it as an intro to your ezine, too: 'Hi, Susan, here's some great new ideas for using the XZY Information system that I know you'll appreciate. Use the name that the prospect gives in the information gathering form.

To get a better open rate on your emails, use the prospects name in the subject line. When you personalize the subject line, it will get noticed more, and have a better open rate.

Add the name naturally as it would occur in conversation. Internet marketers can make the mistake of over-using the name just because it's easy to insert electronically. Read the message aloud.

Let your personality shine through, and develop your own style. Keep that style through out your messages, and you will be easily recognized. It's really another form of 'branding'. Just like logos or sayings have become associated with different companies and products. So to can your unique style of writing.

Would you use the name that many times or does it sound phony? Yes, people love the sound of their own names, but when it's over used, the reaction is that you're being a fake and that send the buyer fleeing. Be yourself, and write as if you're talking to someone you know, and also as if they know you.

Don't let spell check defeat you. First, be extremely careful when you type a name into the autoresponder list. If the name was automatically added to a list, don't change it. Some names are spelled differently on purpose.

There is an ongoing dispute between Teresa and Theresa as to which is the accurate spelling of the name. Answer: the way she wants it! Also, be careful that the name isn't changed in the final spell check.

Avoid the marital status question. Don't add Ms, Miss or Mrs to any correspondence. For one thing, email isn't that formal. You don't need to guess on this one or you'll surely be wrong more often than right.

While the generic 'Dear Friend' or 'Dear Internet Marketing Colleague' seems impersonal, at least it doesn't make obvious mistakes that are humorous to some people and blatantly offensive to others.

Use the name when you ask for the order. Remember to be personal when you make the final pitch. What's more appealing to you: 'Everyone needs this marketing package to increase sales' or 'I want to see you enjoy the kind of success I've had with this product - so, Stan, are you ready to make serious money online? If you are then click here...but wait, Stan, I've got one more bonus that's just what you need!'

That's a personal close using the name and showing interest in the prospects success. So keep it real, keep it personal and keep making contact with your list so that the first sale isn't the last one.
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