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Get Paid To Join Affiliate Program Sites!

Jul 15, 2008
Almost every single website you go on has an affiliate or associates program. So what are these programs, how do you get paid, and what exactly do you have to do? Well its quite simple actually. Affiliate programs, are programs you join as an affiliate, you provide products or services to other people online, but you do not personally carry any of these products. You get paid per sale you make. But you don't get the full amount in most cases. Usually you get a certain percentage per sale.

Say you join an affiliate program and you make %50 of everything you sell. And you sell $500 worth of products, then you in turn will receive $250! That's a pretty sweet deal if you ask me! Some sites offer %15, others offer %80 it really depends on the website your joining.

Some really big sites like Amazon and Clickbank offer these programs, as well as medium sized sites like clothing sites, cooking sites, shoe sites, anti virus sites. You could literally find anything you want to sell, with in these programs. You just have to search for what you want. So if you want to sell cell phones for a living, you can go to Google and search for "Cell Phone Affiliate programs."

In most cases these programs will give you your very own website. But what I like to do if I join a few of these affiliate programs, is incorporate them onto my main website. I have a cooking website, so I like to join sites that are relevant to my cooking site. Programs that offer gourmet food, kitchen gadgets, wine, kitchen accessories, cookbooks, etc. So when I write blogs on my site I can mention a cookbook or a new gadget I really like, and then I can include my referral link on the site.

There are also affiliate hubs, you can join. These sites allow major organization of all the sites you join. The two sites I am a member of are Kolimbo and Linkshare. Once you join these two programs you will find hundreds of thousands of affiliate programs on these sites. You simple join the ones you want, and then everything is available all in one spot. Stats, graphs, affiliate percentages, sales, leads, emails, banner codes, email codes. Everything!

If your searching for Affiliate websites in general, do a search on Google for "Affiliate Programs" or "Affiliate Websites." If your searching for more Affiliate hubs, do a search for "Affiliate Hubs" or "Leading Affiliate Marketing Solutions Provider."
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