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Even Affiliate Markters Need to Build a List

Jul 15, 2008
Anyone selling as an affiliate needs a list. Every internet guru, ecommerce wizard and affiliate sales genius agrees that having a customer list is one of the most valuable parts of your business. Build that list and you will build those sales.

A list can be build purely by keeping the names and email addresses of customers. These are people that you know are interested, and you know they purchase this type of product online. These people are prime customers for your other ventures, so don't lose track of them. They should be marketed to and kept abreast of your new and existing products in a non-spammy way. This can include the all-powerful newsletters that so many affiliate marketers use to keep the people their list interested.

But those newsletters and reports sent to the customers can also be used to get more people to join your list. This means that you can get interested parties to sign up just for the information you are offering. These people are your potential customers, and they need to be marketed to just as hard as the ones who are already your customers. These are consumers that you already know are interested in what you have to offer, so this is one of the most targeted bunch of potential customers you are going to come across. Build that list and the sales will come.

The list that is so vital to an affiliate marketer's future sales career should be started right away. As soon as you have an operational site, come up with a way to build your list. This can be the newsletter sign up, an offer of a free ebook that you write or get from a free ebook site, free software, or anything else you think will get potential buyers interested. The items that you send to your list should be interesting, informative, and should paint you as a person who knows what he's talking about. Why should anyone buy from you? Because you have been talking to them through the newsletter for months and they like what you have to say. Having an effective newsletter will set you ahead of the affiliate pack, especially when there are other plenty of other people selling your exact product.

When you have a new product, the new marketing is daunting. There are new ads, new web content, optimizing for search engines for that topic, and other endless duties. But when you have a list, all you have to do is tell them all about it. They can get a nice newsy email about the great new thing you have. Then you have interested customers who have already received a sales pitch from you and are ready to find out more about the product, or to buy. With a large, effective list, the marketing is almost instantaneous and the customers are waiting to her about your products. Building a large list can take time and effort, but once the list is in place, it's hard to go wrong with it.
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