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Best Tip For Student Jobs: Find One In Your Major

Jul 15, 2008
When you get out of college the first thing that most students do is look through classified ads to find a job. What they don't know is that finding student jobs is one of the best ways to start that job search.

All across the country students are limited to entry level jobs because they lack experience. Employers look for resumes that show internship, volunteer opportunities or jobs that relate to a major. Most students show experience but it is not experience in their career.

Student jobs in your major are as easy to find as those that do something different. The first place to check is in your campus human resource department. Often they have a variety of jobs on campus that relate to a lot of different topics.

Another place to look is on student bulletin boards around campus and in the dean's office of your major. As an example, if you are a business major, check with the dean's office in the business department. Usually the executive assistants in those areas are asked to list any employers who call in to look for students.

Other places to check for student jobs are your career office, the online website for your college other students. Many times students know of jobs because they have turned them down and they may be a good source for you.

When you look for a job in your major make sure that you don't overdo the balance between family, school and work. Many students fail because they take too many classes and try to work full-time.

What most students don't know is that for every 1 credit hour they take, you will spend at least two hours in homework. This means that for a 3 credit course, you will probably have 5-6 hours outside the classroom.

If you work a full-time job, and have a family, finding 18 hours out side of that to study your course work will be difficult. It is better to either work part-time or take less coursework.

Working part or full-time and going to school will also require that the job be flexible when it comes to your classes. If you find a job in your major the employer will often be flexible with your hours.

Another idea for student jobs is to try work study. Most work study positions are tied to financial aid but often you can find something that is in your major. Check with your financial aid office if you have applied and see if this is one possibility.

When you approach a job whether it is full or part time, approach it as a professional job. You might not think that working at a fast food restaurant would call for a professional attitude but if you're major is business it does.

Sit down and write a good cover letter and resume, then take it to your college career center for tweaking. Approach every job with your resume and cover letter and you will land a good job. Think big picture here and you will carry your student jobs into full-time, paid and professional employment.
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