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The Best Way To Find A Job After College Is To Find Internships In Your Major

Jul 15, 2008
Most students take an internship in their undergraduate years that has nothing to do with their major. It may be something they like to do but they really don't spend a lot of time thinking about it.

The reason it is important to find internships in your career field is because it helps you get the experience you need to enter the job market. An internship isn't always paid but the experience you get will help you move into a paid position.

Internships are easy to find. One of the first places to check is the department that hosts your major. As an example, if you are a business major, go to the business department. They keep a list of internships and jobs that are within the business field.

If you find yourself without a specific major but you want to work with people, you can ask in your counseling or jobs office. Often they have a variety of opportunities that they can't always fill because no one comes to find them. Even when they advertise them this is an area that is often overlooked.

Other ways to find internships is through your college's website online. Often there is a career or jobs site that lists these opportunities so that students can search at home. This allows you to gather information before you approach your career center on campus.

One of the mistakes that students make is saying they can only take an internship if it is paid. Let's face it. Everyone wants to be paid for their work but the truth is that most internships will not be paid. They are invaluable though for the experience that they create for you. So, don't hurt your chances by eliminating those that aren't paid.

Try to find at least one internship while you are in college so that you can have the opportunity to try out your career choice. However, don't stop at one; try several. This will be a time for you to check out how different environments feel and how you like working in this field. Taking more than one will help you discover what type of job you want after college.

If you find internships, whether it is paid or not, make sure that you always act professionally, even if others in the office do not. Your position there is to gain the experience you need and to walk out of the internship with a stellar reference that you can put on your resume.

All internships have an internship supervisor and this is probably the person who will give you the evaluation and reference at the end. Check in with this person as often as you need to but don't be obnoxious. Make sure you are doing a good job and ask for feedback as you go.

When you apply for internships make sure you treat it as a job opportunity. Have a cover letter, resume and list of any classes that you have taken that qualify you for this job. Treat it like you are serious and make sure you have a good reason why you want to work with them because this will be a question that comes up.
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