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How to Choose Your Career, Use the Passion Test

Jul 15, 2008
I just looked at my kindergarten picture book. In it are pictures of my classmates, and written alongside each picture is a paragraph that lists our dream jobs. Most of the students listed the jobs that their parents were doing. I listed "I want to be a green house builder." That's why my Dad was doing at the time. Other jobs included: Firefighter, Astronaut, Policeman, Soldier, and even the ambitious, President of The United States.

Over time and with the usual demands of life - school, marriage, mortgage, kids, etc - most people usually end up with a job that pays the bills, instead of a job that they really desired and feel satisfied in.

I recently read a book titled, "The Passion Test." The author, Janet Attwood, beautifully describes the fulfilling and joyful essence of following, and then doing your passions for life as your actual career. It's an interesting idea, one that most people have never thought about or are too afraid to do.

In high school, I grew up on the beach and was surrounded by the influence of drugs and alcohol. I saw how easy money was made through drug sales and how it gave those involved a lot of nice material things. I saw how they didn't have to work and could travel and surf everyday. I felt a little jealous about it all because I had to work for almost minimum wage and could only surf once day. I was raised knowing to stay away from drugs and alcohol and anything related to it. But for some reason, the idea of how easy money was being made and the freedom it gave, never left me.

The attention and consistent thought of making easy money remained with me through college. During that time, I was hired on to an internet marketing company and began to work with businesses who sold products online. I again saw how through the internet, people were making millions of dollars, and many of them were working out of there home.

Around that time, I came across "The Passion Test" and read it through in only a few days. During which, it dawned on me that I was, without me knowing, following my inner passions of easy money and the freedom it gave. I was learning how to do it on the internet, which would create the opportunity to experience the freedom to come and go as I please and most importantly surf everyday.

It's amazing how we never realize what our inner thoughts and feelings are urging us to do. Most often, we are caught up in what we feel is the "right" thing to do, or to follow what others say we should be doing. But if we learn to listen to what our heart enjoys and to what brings us peace in this life, and if we have the patience and courage to follow it, we will then be in the career that as kids we would dream about.

There are many books and tutorials on finding your inner passions. "The Passion Test" is definitely recommended. There are many more steps besides simply knowing what your dreams are, there is work involved. But the work is enjoyable because it becomes a part of your passion and dreams.

So take the first action step today. Make a list of what you feel your passions for life are, and be sure to write them down. Then spend 20 to 30 minutes online and do a search for "following your passions" or "how to live your passions" and just read the material that comes up, it will make you feel good. From there, just see what happens. Don't judge yourself or make expectations. Things will flow on their own. The important step is to do just that, take a step.
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