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Home Business Creates Financial Freedom

Jul 15, 2008
The financial freedom to do what they want when they want is for what everyone is looking in their jobs. That job isn't out there unless you are a sports or movie star, however, there is an opportunity to have more time with your family and make the money deserved. To be there for your family and take time off when you need it, working from home can provide that financial freedom.

The number one reason most parents choose to work from home is the ability to be with their family. Day care has gotten so expensive that every penny a person earns goes straight to the day care provider, especially if that person has more than one child. If the person has school-aged children, during the school year, it is easier to work outside of the home, but the summers are the money eaters.

Adding up very quickly, day care is needed for all children during the summer. While the work at home parent works in their office or does paperwork, the children can play outside. For a couple of hours, when the parent needs to go to a meeting, a responsible teenager can be hired because they always need extra cash.

In this economy, where gas and groceries have skyrocketed, working from your home has become an essential tool in saving money. Just the sound of it, saving money on gas, doesn't really seem like much. Most out of the house jobs are over ten miles from the home, back and forth, that adds up.

Many expenses come with working outside of the home. Day care and gas prices are only a couple of them. Lunches, parking spots, dress clothes, dry cleaning, dinners on the go after a late meeting, and much more take money that need not be used for such things.

The loss of health insurance that is provided by corporate jobs is a fear many people endure. Including owning a small business, many insurance companies give some entities discounts. From unexpected places, owning a small business can garner you many discounts.

Rewards are offered to those who run their own business by credit cards companies. Tax exemption is available to various companies such as not-for-profit companies. A small business can also get discounts from some other small businesses.

Knowing exactly where all the income goes is financial freedom that makes owning your own home business a great idea. Adjusting the prices of the product or service accordingly because you know exactly what is going into the overhead is a basic reason for starting a company. Due to having a lower overhead, the owner can offer lower prices, which makes smaller businesses an asset.

A large corporation needs to pay for wages, minimum though they might be, lease payments, and stock. A smaller home business still has stock to by only it is at a lesser amount. This obligation is really the only overhead a home business has.

A small business can be extremely profitable since this is the only expense. The owner can use the Internet to advertise across the country if their product or service is widely needed. The owner can expand their advertising once the profits start to come in and a website can be made free of charge.

Within the first year, without paying for the daily corporate expenses, receiving little of the work profits, and with the small business discounts, the owner will see profits. Being closer to the family, an immediate profit, is a massive benefit. Financial freedom comes in the form of owning a home business.
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