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10 Easy Ways To Blast Your Sales Into The Stratosphere

Jul 15, 2008
With the information deluge we all feel buried under at times, it's often easy to forget to do the little, albeit important steps to keep your customers happy and coming back. Here are ten steps to remind yourself to do each day, and hopefully increase your sales:

1) Make sure to follow up with your customer after the sale. Send them a "Thank You" email and include an ad for other related products you sell. You could also include a discount coupon e.g. 10% on their next order.

2) Always "up-sell" to your customers. If you're not doing this regularly, you're leaving a lot of money on the table.

When the customer is on the order page, credit card in hand, tell them about a few extra related products you have for sale...products that complement the one they're buying. Offer these at a discount e.g. 30% discount.

3) Provide an "opt-in" box requesting the first names and email addresses of e.g. five friends of the customer "who might be interested" in your products.

Thank your customer for providing the referrals by giving him/her a valuable free gift (ebook, software, etc..)

4) Offer an affiliate program. Pay your affiliates at least 50% (75% is even better). If an affiliate doesn't make a sale, you owe him/her nothing. If they do make sales, however, you both make money, so it's a "win-win" situation.

5) Sell the reprint/reproduction rights to your products. You could include an ad for your other products you sell. You would then make sales for the reprint/reproduction rights and sales on the "back-end" products.

6) I'm not sure exactly why this isn't done more often, but seriously consider doing a "co-reg" with another marketer in your niche whose products complement yours. Cross-promote each others products in a package deal.

On the "Thank You" page, you could each have either a featured product or an opt-in box for more information from one another's customers.

Not only will you increase sales, you can each double your "opt-in list" e.g. receive 50 new sign-ups instead of only 25!

7) If you ship products, always include a discount coupon and a flyer advertising your other products.

8) Send your customer a detailed email or a catalog of add-on/or other products for the original product they purchased. This includes upgrades, special services, attachments, etc.

9) Sell gift certificates for your products. When you sell the certificate, either the purchaser or the gift recipient may purchase other items from your website.

10) Always offer a "freebie". Just make sure your ad is displayed on the package. This is an especially effective marketing strategy if the "freebie" is a t-shirt, cap, bumper sticker, or even a golf ball or pen. Other people will see your ad and order.
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