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Four Simple AdWords Management Strategies

Jul 15, 2008
As PPC advertising has become much more mainstream in the world of online advertising, it can seem that more and more keywords are becoming saturated. This can be true at times, but there has never been a better time to run an effective Google AdWords campaign. All you need to know is a few tips. Here are four that you won't want to forget when you start up your next AdWords campaign.

The first thing you should do is carefully consider your keyword strategy. Just because a PPC service offers a relevant keyword generation feature doesn't mean you have to use it. Be very selective and precise with your keywords, and do your homework. Make sure that your keyword doesn't have a double meaning or overlap with another industry. The last thing you need is people clicking up your ads who have no intention of buying your product or service.

Second, it is a good idea bid for the first page, but not for the first spot. What does this mean? It means that unless you are truly aiming to dominate the Internet landscape and be at the top of your industry, you shouldn't worry about getting in the top slot on a SERP (search engine results page). If you are in the top ten spots, then you will appear on the first page of Yahoo results, though it varies for each service. Try to let your ad do the selling, not your position. Placing yourself at the top of the search results is a two edged sword - you will get more clicks, but they will not be as targeted.

The next tip you should think about when conducting your AdWords campaign is the necessity of monitoring and testing your keywords. Failing to do so for even a few days can spell disaster for your campaign. Because PPC advertising is an auction-type marketplace, the profitability of your keywords can go form high to low based on the actions of just one of your competitors. Additionally, a keyword that was very profitable the month before can become overly saturated and your margins can disappear without you realizing it. Make sure you keep on top of your campaign by continually monitoring and testing on a weekly or even daily basis.

The final AdWords management strategy you may want to consider is placing ads on relevant websites instead of just on SERPs. These bids can be priced by the click or as gross impressions. Paying by the impression is a great way to get bargain deals on ad listings. And since users are already browsing for products or services relevant to your own, they will still be targeted customers.

Try using these four simple strategies the next time you manage a PPC campaign. Doing so can increase efficiency and profitability.
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