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Introduction to Autoresponders for Internet and Network Marketers

Jul 15, 2008
Autoresponders are an essential component of any Internet Marketing business or Network Marketing business. Once you've researched autoresponders, selected a company that provides this service and set up your account, you can now learn the basic functions of autoresponders and how they can automate your business.

Here are the basic functions and benefits of autoresponders:

1) Once a visitor agrees to receive information from you by giving you their first name and working email address through your Sqeeze Page or Opt-In page, this information should immediately and automatically go into your autoresponder.

It will instantly follow-up with emails from your visitors, saving you tons of time if you had to do that manually with each customer.

2) Autoresponders live up to their name: they respond instantly to your customers' inquiries, increasing your credibility with your visitors.

3) They also do more than just respond to emails. Use them to provide information about your products or services, promote special offers and discounts. Use them to advertise your business and build stable relationships with your customers.

4) There are different types of Autoresponders. You can purchase software, sign-up with a web-hosting company, or manage your emails through your own software.

You can also sign-up with companies whose sole business is providing autoresponder services. Go to Google to find a list of free autoresponder companies.

You may already be familiar with other popular autoresponder companies that charge a monthly service, such as aweber.com, getresponse.com, and iContact.com..

They all offer several levels of services so take your time to do your research carefully, as the reliability of your autoresponder is paramount to profits and a successful online business.

5) Autoresponders can send out an unlimited number of follow-up messages, sent at pre-determined intervals of time, for as long as you want.

6) To personalize your autoresponder messages, attach your signature, company name (if you have one), contact information, and a brief message.

If the body of the email is a sales promotion, your "P.S." can direct your customers to take action now. Send them to a sales page, a Free Report, download for an eBook, etc.

7) Make sure your email program does not cut off your text!

8) Use your autoresponder to offer free courses, such as a 7 day email course about a topic you're an expert in (or becoming an expert in.) Choose a topic or niche that precisely targets your potential customers.

9) Once you've chosen your subject, divide it into sub-topics. Each day your Autoresponder will send out a different sub-topic.

10) Make sure your first day is your Welcome message. Explain what your subscribers can expect to learn in the subsequent emails. Make it enticing and don't tell too much.

Remind your subscribers you are providing free, good quality information that your target audience will find of great value.

11) With each lesson, include the number of the lesson, topic title, and information about your company and your products and services. End each lesson with some enticing sentences of what the subscriber can expect in the next lesson.

12) You want your readers to find themselves feeling eager to receive your next valuable email, whose content is helping them build their businesses. You will be perceived as a helpful adviser and friend, (and hopefully you will genuinely feel that way, as I certainly do with my subscribers), instead of just another salesperson.

In conclusion, Autoresponders are an effective, essential, and powerful marketing tool. They allow you time to focus on other important aspects of building your internet marketing or network marketing business.

They automate your Marketing campaign, allowing you to make contact with thousands of potential customers.
Studies have consistently shown it takes on average, seven contacts with a visitor before they make their first purchase from you. Imagine trying to make seven contacts with each one of thousands of visitors!

Obviously, an autoresponder is perhaps the most integral component of building and maintaining your online/internet business.
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