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Why Network Marketing Works for Some

Jul 15, 2008
Now the world of Multi Level Marketing or MLM can really work for some people. These people can have a network of almost ten thousand people promoting the business and these people at the top of the pile will keep getting commissions on each new member that their recruits, recruit.

These are people that are making six to seven figures a month on just residual income, and the only work they seem to do is present seminars on the basics of network marketing. Looking at the other side of the coin, others seem to simply struggle to even meet the basic criteria to qualify for even a single level commission. What is the main difference between these two groups?

This very difference can be broken down into one word recruiting. Network marketing is all about recruiting. You need to be able to recruit more people who will purchase your products and will further market your products. Recruiting more and more people will maximize your profits.

Why recruiting is so difficult

Recruiting is convincing another person to shell out his or her hard earned money to buy your products, and let me tell you it is not an easy thing to do. Human nature makes this whole process such a massive ordeal. If you ask any salesman about how stressful his day is you will find out what I mean.

The fact that you are not selling your products to unknown people makes it even more difficult! Most people start their network marketing career with their close list of family and friends. When these people are unwilling to purchase the product or join the business they will either give vague answers to avoid the subject or give very abrupt cold answers.

If an amateur network marketer meets with failure the first time around, chances are rare that they will try and approach the same people again.

Can you overcome this?

This is a very important question and the answer is yes. You can overcome all of these negatives and make the business method work for you. As with every business story, there have been millions of people who have struggled to sell their first network marketing product for months on end, but once they pip the first sale, the rest are in the bag.

There is no reason why you can not do the exact same thing, so I am giving you three very important tips that can help turn the tide in your favour:

Choose the right company

Network marketing is such a lucrative business opportunity that there are thousands of companies out there all jumping on the bandwagon. We all know that not all products are equal, and a great deal of them are not that easy to sell. By being intelligent and choosing the right company you can take a lot of the initial strain off your back and get right into making the business work for you.

Being positive

You can never allow yourself to become negative when it comes to selling and your products when marketing. The moment you become negative is the moment your sale turns into the one that got away.

Treat everyone with dignity

Do not ever judge a book by its cover, by the same mantra never judge a persons performance in the business by looking at them. You never know that that one person might be the person to lead you towards that elusive sixth level in your MLM opportunity!

By knocking on every door and weighing every lead equally, you will never pass up an opportunity and you will be ten steps ahead of those who do.
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