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What Are The Best Ways To Choose And Promote An Affiliate Program?

Jul 15, 2008
As you may already know, when you become an affiliate you do actually work for another merchant or company. You engage in selling their services or products depending on your individual skills, talents and preferences.

This is not a "lazy man's" program since you should be self-motivated and be willing to put forth hard work when needed. One of the major benefits of becoming an affiliate is that whichever company whose products you are selling assumes most of the risks. Besides providing the products, of course, they also provide delivery and some basic promotional tools to help you market the products.

Getting into an affiliate program can be a low-risk, lucrative way to start an online business. There are, in fact,"Super Affiliates" who make consistently large incomes exclusively from affiliate programs. It is true that when promoting affiliate programs. you don't even have to handle the transaction or build your own website. The main focus of an affiliate is to drive as much customer traffic as possible to his or her affiliate link.

You will be given a special affiliate link which is a unique URL code that tags customers coming to the company sales site as a result of your advertising. It usually is a code appended to the end the website address. There are multi-tiered affiliate programs as well. If someone else signs up as an affiliate through your link, you also get a percentage of their commissions.

When choosing the best affiliate program for yourself, start by looking at products you already some interest in. Next, find out if anyone is buying that service or product online. There are a number of free sources where that information can be found. Just type in "free keyword tool" into Google and you'll find what you need at Wordtracker, Goodkeywords and Google's own keyword tool. These tools enable you to find how many searches are being made for the products you are interested in promoting.

After you find a keyword that's popular, put it into your favorite search engine along with the words "affiliate program".You should now get a listing for affiliate programs that relate to products and services for your chosen keyword. An example would be: (forex trading+"affiliate program"). There are also online affiliate directories that can be checked.

Choose your program wisely and be sure to read all of the terms and conditions of any that you sign up for. Downloadable ebooks and software with high commission rates are attractive as there is no product that must be shipped and your commission is credited as part of the transaction. Once you are happy with the program terms, signing up is an easy process.

Now you can start marketing your program. Again, this is one reason that affiliate programs are perfect for newbies. You do not have to worry about product creation or delivery of the product...the focus is 100% directed on marketing the product.

Many of the better affiliate merchants will help with information and tools on how to market their products. You may be provided with selling tools such as banners, text links, email messages, newsletter ads, Adword ads and more. On you own, you may choose to write articles, create a pay per click ad campaign and promote on internet forums.

Once you gain experience in your marketing efforts, make the required adjustments and see the positive results, you will see why affiliate marketing online can provide a terrific income which can be multiplied as large as you want.
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