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Thinking of Starting a Soap Business?

Jul 15, 2008
There are various ideas about starting a soap business among which soap business is an easy and beneficial one. You need not invest a lot of money to start this business and selling soaps are not really tough. There are few steps following which you can become a successful soap business owner.

Know Soap Making by Yourself

The first thing that you need to know is that how to makes soaps; be it glycerin soap or a clear one. The easiest way of making soaps is doing it in the melt and pour way.

If you are looking forward to a large scale production of soaps then you should buy or rent a double boiler which can be used to melt the soap bases and while preparing the soap you can add some fragrance or color to it. This will make your soap look and smell beautifully which is quite important if they are being manufactured for the business purpose.

You can also make them different by using molds of various shapes or by inserting a small toy figure within the clear soap so that the kids find it interesting.

Where to Sell the Soaps?

After making a whole range of good homemade soaps the second task is to get a good platform where you can sell them. Now the best place is the craft fair. Many people who have keen interest in handcrafted stuffs visit these fairs and they often like to buy the homemade soaps as well.

This way you can get quite a number of potential customers in the fairs. You will get some useful contacts, which will help you to grow in this soap business. The other way is the craft shows. There are any, which holds during the year, and you can take part so that people can get to see your creation.

Here also you will get buyers and find a lot of follow-up sells happening even after the show is over. You can get in touch with your local soap and candle shop and ask them if they can accommodate your soap collection at the stores or not. You can also work out a sales commission based contract with them.

Marketing the Soaps

The marketing is an important part of any business. This is the reason why you need to chalk out some strategies that you boost up the soap business you started.

First of all send one piece of soap to the neighbors as a sample and you can expect positive response if the product is good. Then you can also make some packages wherein they will get one or two pieces for free if they are buying say three pieces.

Finally it is the quality of the products that really matters when it comes to the success of the business.
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April Kerr owns website Soap Making Queen which has details of where to buy discounted soap making supples including cheap melt and pour bases and cheaper soap making molds .
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