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Jobs In Medicine Can Be Extremely Rewarding

Aug 17, 2007
I think most of us assume Surgeons, Doctors, and Nurses when we think about jobs in medicine, but there is so, so, much more to medical careers than those we see on the front line. In fact, medical career have a lot of the employment infrastructure of most other jobs, only those that chose to work in a medical capacity will often tell you that jobs in medicine are far more rewarding than the many other types of vocation.

Positions can range from the humble administrative assistants right up to medical scientists and research positions in state of the art laboratories. Another great thing about jobs in medicine is that once you've got you foot in the door, the opportunities for occupational growth and development are limited only by your own commitments and abilities.

Unfortunately for the United Kingdom, its medical profession appears to overwork and underpay all but its top people, and they lose many medical professionals to other countries because of this. Fortunately for qualified personal in developing countries, and in particular South East Asia, they get to fill many of the UK medical openings left by the fleeing Brits. What were substandard employment packages to the British are considered salaries from heaven to these Far Eastern workers.

Countries in Western Europe and the United States of America are the main poachers for British medical personnel, as they offer employment deals which are just too tempting for some to ignore. Having said that, the medical profession has a genuine reputation for being the caring profession, and just as many move over to pastures new, there are more that stay behind to care.

One of the main excuses the British government used to give for poorly paid positions in many of its jobs in medicine, and nursing in particular, was that it didn't want to attract the wrong kinds of people. It argued that folks should enter the medical profession because they care, and not for the money. Of course, compromises have been made in modern times to try and balance this out somewhat.

So we not only have a plethora of jobs available in the medical field, but also the opportunity to work overseas, and enjoy high salaries and attractive fringe benefits for many positions too. Whatever your role or duty is, if it's in medicine it's for the good of the people then you are a part of that overall care whether you're arranging appointments or performing life saving operations. Every job plays a role in the bigger picture and medicine can be extremely rewarding as a result.

Many of the hands-on positions are not for the faint hearted though, as there can be a lot of blood, bones, and broken bits, not to mention terminal illnesses and deaths. But it's not all about the sick getting sicker and there are many indirectly related jobs that will enable you to play an important part in medicine. In fact there are far too many jobs available in the medical profession to even begin to slot into this small article, but I urge anyone who wants to work either directly or indirectly for the health and welfare of people, to seriously take a look online at some of the jobs available.

Not everyone is suited to work in health care, and most folks don't want to, but we all owe a huge debt of gratitude to those that do. We don't nickname the nurses in the UK, 'Angels' for nothing.
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