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Choosing the Right Domain Name For Improving Your Visibility

Jul 15, 2008
A domain name refers to the name representing unique IP address of a computer server as it is associated to the World Wide Web. So, when you are planning to set up your own virtual presence, in whatever form, be it a business or a personal issue, it is important for you to choose a domain name that represents your goal as its best.

But have you ever wondered about how to find the right domain name for your needs and the factors that influence the choice of a domain name? If this is so, then you are just at the right place to find out the answers of your questions.

The factors that determine the choice of a domain name depend on a wide variety of factors. Sometimes the choice of a good domain name entirely depends on the name of the website itself. For example, if you own a business on travel trailer servicing and put your website name as travel trailer servicing, you can also choose your domain name as traveltrailerservicing, if it is not taken by anyone else.

Quite obviously, it has various advantages since it helps identifying business more easily over the cyberspace. If your name is Mac and you are doing the same business, but you are buying a domain name as macsservicing, it might become harder for everyone to understand your business, unless they know you personally.

While choosing your domain name, you must also be aware of the importance of choosing keyword rich domain name. It is really important since search engines spot the keywords at the time of retrieving the analogous websites. People typically put keyword phrases when they look for some information. Search engines make a tally of these search terms and the domain address to retrieve the end results.

So if you use keywords in the domain names, it offers a significant impact on how well a website stands in respect to a search engine ranking. However, you must keep balance and be enough creative not to stuff the keywords excessively in the domain names. Otherwise, it will become really tough for general people to remember. At the end, they will get confused and you will lose site visitors.

If you can put a shorter-sized domain name, it would be easier for others to memorize and recall. The ideal size is 14 characters or even less than that. However, it is not so easy to follow this rule all the times. If you think that your domain name might be longer than 14 characters, you still must try your best to limit it within 22 characters in order to avoid any further problems.

A hyphenated website may create complications especially if it needs to verbalize and share it with others verbally. Sometimes one may get confused with the same domain name without any hyphen, so there is always a risk for losing site visitors. Well, if you integrate hyphen in your domain name, it does not have any negative influence over the search engine ranking and gets the same rank as a non-hyphenated website.
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