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Jul 16, 2008
What are these different TLDs i.e., .com, .net, and .org? There is no such significant difference between them. These are just a few options and you can even avail all of them.There is no such significant difference between them.

What is DNS? DNS stands for Domain Name Server. It translates alphanumeric domain name to numeric IP address that a computer understands, i.e., DNS will translate to, its IP address on the web.Certain forms of indiscriminate advertising, commonly referred to as "spamming", are unacceptable as they could cause damage to our brand name. Other Prohibited forms of advertising include the use of unsolicited commercial email (UCE), postings to non- commercial newsgroups and cross-posting to multiple newsgroups at once. In addition, Affiliates may not advertise in any way that effectively conceals or misrepresents their identity, their domain name or their return email address.Most demonstrations are achieved through our web conferencing service. For larger installations, in-person visits may be necessary.

Is one DD sufficient for multiple domains registration? Yes, list all Tracking Nos. and respective Domain names at the back of cheque or in the cover letter.Support is based on a percentage of the number of full-time licensed users. It starts PRIOR to installing the software and data base because we provide webcast training and our JumpStart program. With Jump Start, we work with you to transfer your chart of accounts, clients, vendors and price lists into spreadsheets. We then import this data into your data base so when you receive SilentPartner with your database, a significant piece of the key entry of 'master' data is eliminated.Very soon we are introducing this feature Online.

Why do I need one? Domain Name is your identity on the web. To promote yourself and your business on the web it is necessary to have one. Worldwide people can visit you online and can know about your business through your site & you can promote your online business with the domain name.Easily, we have many clients with multiple offices. Because SilentPartner eProject is browser-based, NO ADDITIONAL software (such as Citrix) is needed. We also have extensive reporting on office data, such as office income statements, job ownership by office, staff utilization by office, to name a few. We custom design implementation plans for each new clients including considerable web training to facilitate the implementation.

Is advertising, spyware, or other invasive material in the MacroVOLT software module? No. Nothing tracks activity on your computer, interferes with normal operations, or presents unwanted material. Like most everything about MacroVOLT, the answer depends on what you choose. Most Affiliates want to brand their own courses and have students and staff members operate in a system with the look and feel of their organization, graphics, and Web site.Our corporate headquarters is in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA (near Valley Forge). We are in the Eastern time zone. Plus we have customer service operations in the Central time Zone.Yes, list all Tracking Nos.

Can the name of the registrant of the Domain be changed once it has been registered? Yes, email us the name of the new Registrant and his/her address, in case it is in an organization, then the name and address of the organization has to be mentioned. The address for correspondence regarding the above is Then you can go for other TLDs for the same name like .net instead of .org for some other name. Or try our user friendly features If you feel a name should be lawfully yours but someone else has already got it registered- follow the Uniform Dispute Resolution policy and take legal opinion.Domain Name is your identity on the web. To promote yourself and your business on the web it is necessary to have one.
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