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Six Secrets to Amazing Business Growth!

Jul 16, 2008
Everyone dreams of bigger and better things. Everyone wants to be successful and make good money. Nearly everyone dreams of being financially free, but few are willing to do what it really takes to make a long term success in working for yourself from home.

Growth is multiplying your talents and efforts to make money for yourself and others if you are in a business where wealth is shared such as network marketing, or MLM. The first and second secrets to amazing growth are giving the people you work with a chance to contribute their knowledge and then allowing them to help in training others so that you are not doing it all yourself.

Trust that they may have an area of expertise and be willing to learn from them. It is a big mistake to assume you know it all and try and do it all yourself. Train your team well, learn from them, and then allow them to help shoulder the responsibilities of training the new people as the team grows. Learn to push your team out of their comfort zone so that they continue to grow as well.

The idea that many hands make light work is still true even when working from home with a team that mostly meets over the phone and internet. This technique of time management will allow you to have more time to do the things you need to do to continue to grow.

The third secret to amazing growth is learning to give up things. No one really wants to make sacrifices, but in the big picture you may actually have to give up something you really enjoy so that you can be successful.

If you need some extra time to build your business so that you can have more time later you may have to cut out some of those leisure activities that you hold dear. You may have to cut out movies, TV or even reading a favorite book, though you should always be reading a personal growth book of some kind even if its just for a few minutes a day. At any rate, being willing to give up something is important. If you are not willing to give something up to get where you are going your success may be limited.

Realizing that it does not all happen at once is another factor in amazing growth. You can grow very fast in some cases, but patience is important. While it is true that you are in control of your success and growth, you must also be patient and learn that sometimes growth takes time and building a solid foundation is important. So the fourth secret to amazing growth is patience. If you start small and build your business solidly, success and growth will come to you.

Your creativity is the fifth secret to amazing growth. You should use the tools available to you and avoid re-inventing the wheel as they say, but when you have a great idea that you know will do amazing things for your growth and your team, don't be afraid to step up and use it. Your creativity is what will drive your success and your team to new levels.

The last secret to amazing growth is personal to each of you because it is your relationship to God. This is highly personal and varies with each one of us, but I firmly believe that my success is directly connected to my God and my relationship with Him! Do not neglect the most important relationships when you are building your business and amazing growth will surely be right around the corner for you.

When people remember you and what you accomplished in your life what will they say? What do you want them to say?

When you think of what you hope people will remember about you the most then you know how you want to live your life. You should focus on that and move in that direction daily. Remember tomorrow is never guaranteed. Don't wait until it is too late to make a difference. Make a difference every day and you will find that you can't stop the growth that is coming to your business.
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