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Online Marketing Training And How To Get Rich

Jul 16, 2008
Marketing online must be treated as a business. Now if you train your downline to market, you will become better yourself. Also, when your team earns money, you will become confident that you truly are doing this with their best interests in mind. Like any corporate business, its the employees that give the CEO's the freedom and big money. So if you treat your downline like employees and see that in the long run, if you make them money, they will follow you into whatever venture you try. And they should considering you have shown them the money.

Now it is easier said than done, but my point is very simple. If you plug into a proven marketing system, no matter you are selling, you will make money. All the top online business are the same. You get a flashy website, fancy backoffice with up to date marketing tools. Now what makes people successful and others fail, hard work. I know this because if you quit and give up, you will never make money. So let me put it this way, you are investing in yourself to learn how to market online, no product will make you rich, no duplicable system will make you rich, and most certainly, no website will make you rich. UNLESS, you know how to market online.

All the top business online are the same, and its a numbers game. If 1000 people come to your website everyday, someone will buy. Now its only common sense that you need a compensation plan that will allow you to pocket more money than it costs to generate these leads. But thats the beauty of the internet, effective FREE advertising, which is hard work, but simple. Kinda like digging a ditch, very simple, but it takes effort. So with that being said, if you are willing to put in some effort and invest in yourself, then I am more than willing to invest my time and effort into training and teaching you how to market online and more importantly, how to make a fortune online.

You'll NEVER hear these 5 Marketing Truths discussed on any tel-a-seminar hosted by any one of the multiple lead companies out there. Why? Because they want YOU to be spending your hard earned dollars buying over-sold, over-worked leads for $3 - $5 apiece.I'm pulling the curtain back.You'll be HOSED no more!

Here are the 5 Marketing Truths That The Big Lead
Brokers Don't Want You To Know About...

Marketing Truth #1

The BEST leads you'll ever get are the ones you generate yourself.

Marketing Truth #2

Until you begin to generate your own leads, lead vendors will
gladly continue to sell you oversold leads for much more than
they're really worth.

Marketing Truth #3

Until you create and implement a rigorous follow-up campaign
( via autoresponder, postcards and voice-blasts ), with each and every lead in your Marketing Funnel, you'll be losing thousands of dollars to people like myself who do follow-up.

Marketing Truth #4

In order for you to become truly independent, you must secure full control of your most important asset, your leads. This means the generation, distribution, follow-up and conversion of every person you come into contact with.

Marketing Truth #5

Truths #1 - #4 will always and forever be 100% true.
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