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E.D.C. Gold vs Reverse Funnel System

Jul 16, 2008
If you are looking to join E.D.C Gold or E.D.C Diamond, then think again. If your looking to join Reverse Funnel System, then you must read this. Now I have been burnt and scammed for well over $16,000 online.

Some other high end online business include Liberty League and Carbon Copy Pro. Now I know they work, they all do, its just that some people get caught up in the product and the websites. But thats not what makes you money online. The only thing that will make you rich online is marketing. So Who teaches the best marketing.
And thats when you will have your answer as to whom you should join.

I have a pretty good idea of whats going on and why people make money and others do not. We'll get into that later. Now in my ventures before I started to make a ton of money online, I tried everything online and offline to get Rich.

Now when I first started online I noticed everyone feels hey have the Best products, the best websites. Now, E.D.C Gold and Reverse Funnel System both have fancy websites that are proven to sell. They both have compensation plans to make you a fortune online. They both have top earners making over $1,000,000 year.
So how will you be able to choose one over the other?
E.D.C Gold has training via live webinars 7 days a week. Reverse Funnel System has an amazing website that flat out seperates the serious from the curious. EDC evolved from Easy Daily Cash, to E.D.C Gold to E.D.C Diamond, while R.F.S is a marketing system to promote Global Resorts Network or G.R.N.

E.D.C sells software and how to videos, some programs, with a claimed value of over $100,000. Now some of these products can be picked up for free if you search for them, but the real value with E.D.C is the training. Now I like Reverse Funnel System simply because they claim you can make a gazzilion dollars, and thats why most of us started marketing online in the first place.
But what I have found is that if you dont know how to market, or are not making money online in your current business, then you will benefit from E.D.C's training. You will learn something guranteed. So once you learn how to market online, you will be able to make money with any program or business you choose to promote.

G.R.N or Reverse Funnel System will make you a fortune if you know how to market the sites, but so will E.D.C Diamond. With that being said, why would you waste your time promoting a $100 program, its kinda like taking a job that pays you Less, it does make sense.
If you want to know my honest opinion of what I recommend to make a fortune online, then you will need to try them, you may not make money with one, but maybe the other is the one for you. So dont fall for the get rich quick and invest in yourself to learn how to market online. After all, a little hard work and some simple learned skills, is all it takes to actually succeed online.
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